(National Sentinel) Oval Office: President Donald J. Trump is still routinely portrayed as a boob, an idiot and a political rube by his detractors, despite regularly proving them wrong. And now one insider and former member of President George W. Bush’s White House believes he is about to outmaneuver his detractors once again.

During Friday evening’s episode of Fox News‘ “The Five,” former Bush top aide and press secretary Dana Perino said did not see what most others saw this past week — more chaotic shake-ups in the Trump White House after Trump replaced Reince Priebus as chief of staff with Department of Homeland Security Secretary and former Marine general John Kelly.

Rather, she sees a masterful political chess match unfolding, with Trump setting the strategy.

As The Blaze reported:

According to Perino, the high-profile resignations, moves and hires are all part of a well-orchestrated plan that was thought out weeks in advance so that Trump could remove Attorney General Jeff Sessions from his post at the Department of Justice.

Trump has publicly stated his frustrations over Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the FBI’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in last year’s election, which includes accusations that Trump’s campaign “colluded” with Russian operatives.

“I’m gonna go out and say this: I think that this was all set up for a few weeks because the president has been so upset about Jeff Sessions and his recusal in the Russia investigation that the Republicans and conservatives that came to Jeff Sessions’ defense this week all said, ‘But he’s doing the best on the issue we care about the most and that is immigration,’” said Perino, one of The Five’s co-hosts.

“Well, where can Jeff Sessions do even more on immigration? As the Secretary of Homeland Security,” she said. “So I think what they’re going to try to do is move Sessions over to DHS, and then how can conservatives complain?”

A number of GOP senators have come to the defense of Sessions, a former senator himself and an early Trump supporter, ‘warning’ him not to fire their onetime colleague. However, Perino makes a great case: Who could be truly upset if Trump doesn’t fire Sessions but rather moves him to a department where the former Alabama senator could maximize one of his true policy strengths?

Moving Sessions instead of firing him would also a) keep a loyalist on staff in another Cabinet position; and b) allow Trump to replace him at the Justice Department with someone, er, more in line with the president regarding these bogus “Russian collusion” distractions.

And that new attorney may also do something else Trump likely wants: Fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

It’s hard to say at this point whether Perino is correct — though she makes a compelling argument and Trump’s opponents routinely underestimate him.

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