(National Sentinel) Second Amendment: The founder of a gun rights organization in Chicago says that every citizen living in the Windy City has the same right to be protected by firearms as their gun-controller mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

Rhonda Ezell, 49, founder of Chicago Guns Matter, is campaigning for more shooting ranges in her city. She told the Chicago Sun-Times she suffers from health issues and traveling 50 miles to the nearest range is difficult — as well as ridiculously inconvenient.

So she joined with the Illinois State Rifle Association in a lawsuit against Chicago’s insane regulatory regime that makes it all but impossible to build new gun ranges; the suit, Ezell v. Chicago, resulted in getting a lot of those regs tossed.

As Breitbart News reported further:

Subsequent with these things was the fact that Ezell received a kidney transplant, which improved her health and encouraged her to launch Chicago Guns Matter. She said, “The mayor walks around every day with armed security paid for by the taxpayers of Chicago, yet he doesn’t want you to go to a gun range and be efficient with the firearm you choose to have in your home for the safety of you or your loved ones.”

Ezell has managed to obtain a firearms ID card and a concealed carry permit — not an easy feat in Chicago, which is, of course, the point. She says “black Chicagoans need to realize they have the right to carry handguns in the city” (actually, all Chicagoans need to realize it, but we get her drift — blacks are being victimized much more often). But she also notes that firearms rules in Chicago still remain far too restrictive, telling the Sun-Times she had to go to the interview without packing her gun; concealed firearms are not permitted on public transportation.

Illinois State Rifle Association head Richard Pearson agrees with Ezell (and all other Americans who believe all provisions of the Constitution matter) that rolling back Chicago’s absurd gun rules is necessary.

“We have this crazy idea that civil rights means everybody. We also think your ZIP code does not dictate what your rights should be,” he told the Sun-Times.

Crazy, indeed — to Left-wing Democrats. The arrogance it must take to assume that you are somehow more important than the public you were elected to serve.

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