(National Sentinel) Sports: For decades the start to most NFL games have been the epitome of American pride, tradition, and patriotism featuring military bands and honor guards, the unfurling of huge American flags, flyovers by Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps jets and helicopters, and of course, the singing of the National Anthem.

Until last year, none of that was very controversial, at least not to most NFL players and fans. In fact, most fans very much appreciated the show of pride, tradition, and patriotism. It’s one of the things that attracts us to the league.

Until last year. That’s when a number of players, led by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, began openly defying these traditions, kneeling instead of standing with hand over heart during the National Anthem.

It was an open demonstration of protest, but for Kaepernick — with his Viva la Revolucion afro – it was more than that: It was open disrespect for a number of American institutions, including the flag, our anthem, and police officers, as he so often demonstrated.

And it hurt NFL ratings last year, especially as his protest gathered support among players and the Left-wing sports media, which is no different than the Left-wing “mainstream” media these days.

As reported by The Daily Caller, a new survey has confirmed what many people just instinctively knew and believed already:

National anthem protests were the main reason why NFL games lost viewers last season, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The survey included 9,200 respondents and asked questions regarding whether they tuned into less games last season and, if so, why. Twenty-six percent of viewers said they watched fewer games because of the national anthem protests made popular by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Off-the-field concerns, like domestic violence and game delays, came in second at 24 percent.

Lifestraw Water FilterMuch of the mainstream media last year dismissed the protests as having anything at all to do with decreased viewership, but of course, most of those outlets agreed with Kaepernick and his views that America sucks — despite the fact that he was lucky enough to be living in a country where he could make millions of dollars playing a game.

Well, that was last season. His play wasn’t that great (and his antics were becoming too much of a distraction) so the San Francisco 49ers cut him and he’s not been able to land a spot on a new team as of yet, even though the  2017 season is getting ready to begin and there are more than a few teams needing a quarterback.

The point is, and has always been, this: Kaepernick has every right as an American citizen to protest whatever he wants. If he doesn’t want to stand for the National Anthem, okay. But he has to also understand that there are consequences for said actions and stances. Team owners and fans also have a right not to reward someone who offends them and their sensibilities, and who disagree with his points of view.

Kap’s defenders also seem to forget this when they are sticking up for him.

It seems rather odd that you’d pick the NFL to stake out positions anathema to American patriotism and pride — especially since the league so blatantly pushes both ideals — and then wonder why it is you’re not being asked to join another team.

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