(National Sentinel) Foreign Policy: Another day, another missile launch in violation of international “rules” by both North Korea and Iran.

As reported by Fox News:

North Korea on Friday for the second time this month successfully launched an ICBM into space and had its re-entry vehicle splash down. Friday’s rocket landed in the Sea of Japan, about 600 miles from the launch pad; however, U.S. officials were still assessing the missile’s apex, which more accurately determines how far away the rocket could strike.

On Thursday, Iran launched its own rocket — based off a North Korean design — towards space. The Islamic Republic said the launch was a success, but U.S. assessments pegged the Iranian posture as propaganda. Officials believe the Iranian rocket suffered a “catastrophic failure” and likely blew up.

Both countries have been repeatedly ‘warned’ by the ‘international community’ to stop launching ballistic missiles capable of sending nuclear weapons to different continents, and most of these warnings have been based on sanctions or other pieces of equally ineffective action taken by through the United Nations, which daily proves it’s unworthiness and ineptitude in dealing with the world’s most dangerous problems.

That’s because it was set up to fail. Established in the euphoric — and tragic — aftermath of World War II, it didn’t take long for the great powers to do what great powers have always done: Exert their own influence and follow their own national interests. They exercise this influence all the time, generally by using their veto authority on the Security Council. Whatever Russia and China want, the U.S. opposes; whatever policies the U.S., France and Great Britain seek, either Russia or China opposes them. And around and around we go.

The fact is, the UN is an impotent diplomatic tool that nations use as political cover more than anything else. There is so much hypocrisy and ineffectiveness that it barely functions well enough to deliver food and medical aide, but even then not without controversy or criminality.

If the Trump administration wants to deal effectively — and finally — with both remaining member nations of George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil,” he will have to do it himself, outside the self-imposed confines of the world’s most useless diplomatic organization. Russia and, quite likely China, will never “agree” to U.S. military intervention in North Korea, for instance, but Pyongyang isn’t threatening Beijing or Moscow, they’re threatening Washington. Ditto for Tehran.

That alone makes it our business to deal with. Our national security should never be reliant on the ascension and agreement of other great powers who traditionally do not have our best interests in mind.

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