(National Sentinel) Media: Former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin wasn’t kidding when she threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against the disgustingly dishonest New York Times when, earlier this year, the paper’s editorial board (wrongly) accused her (again) of being responsible for the shooting of then-U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, D-Ariz., in January 2011.

As reported by Fox News, the conservative firebrand is taking the accusation seriously, as noted by her legal team’s filing of court papers seeking to subpoena dozens of NY Times staffers:

In a motion arguing for the case to be dismissed, attorneys for The New York Times said that Palin’s lawyers had served notice that she plans to subpoena “23 non-party current and former Times reporters, editors and other employees — most of whom had nothing to do with the editorial issue,” according to court documents the New York Post obtained Wednesday.

Palin’s legal team also reportedly plans to ask the Times to produce “every internal communication it has had about her since 2011,” in an effort to obtain “documents that might reveal, among other things, their ‘negative feelings’ toward her,” the Times 

reportedly told the judge on Wednesday. 

Palin is suing the paper after it published an editorial on June 14, just hours after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., was shot and wounded at a Republican congressional baseball practice. She says — rightly, in our opinion — that the editorial once again attempted to tie her to Giffords’ shooting. The Times posted a correction the following day, admitting that “no such link was established.”

But, it was too late for Palin, who has obviously had enough of the character assassination.

“The Times used its false assertion about Mrs. Palin as an artifice to exploit the [Scalise] shooting,” Palin’s attorneys said in the lawsuit.

“The Times published and promoted its editorial board’s column despite knowing…the false assertion that Mrs. Palin incited [Tucson shooter Jared] Loughner to murder six people,” the suit continued. “In doing so, the Times violated the law and its own policies.”

The Times’ attorneys say they believe the paper is protected under the First Amendment, especially after issuing the correction. But the First Amendment does not protect the press from out-and-out slander or libel anymore than it protects someone yelling “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater when there isn’t one.

Either way, Palin seems determined to extract her pound of flesh from the arses of Times’ staffers.

Frankly, as much guff as this woman has had to take from the disgustingly dishonest “mainstream” media over the years simply because she espoused a different political viewpoint while attempting to serve her country, we wish her much success.

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