(National Sentinel) Healthcare reform: Pollster Scott Rasmussen of the firm Rasmussen Reports is the latest person to demonstrate why you can believe almost nothing coming out of the mouths of some hypocrite Republicans (and all Democrats) on Capitol Hill who say it would just be horrible – horrible!! — if they voted to repeal Obamacare and replace it with free-market solutions (like they promised for seven years they would do), namely because doing so would throw tens of millions of Americans off health care coverage.

In a column published Thursday, he explains why such claims are not only purely political by highly overblown (and purposely so) and serving as an impediment to giving Americans back some semblance of control over their healthcare coverage and delivery.

He writes in his “Number of the Day” column:

If the individual mandate were to be repealed and Americans were no longer required to purchase the Obamacare-mandated levels of health insurance coverage, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) believes that 15 million Americans would no longer purchase such coverage.

Some, including Jonathan Gruber, believe that the CBO is overestimating the impact of repealing the mandate. Gruber was one of the architects of the healthcare law.

Politically, the impact of these projections is significant since the individual mandate has long been the most unpopular part of Obamacare. Recent polling shows that two-thirds of Americans would like to see it repealed. For many, the idea of the government forcing anybody to buy anything is in conflict with America’s commitment to individual freedom.

Additionally, if the CBO projections are correct, there are 15 million Americans who would directly benefit from the repeal. Typically, when people are directly impacted by a law, their support or opposition is more intense than that of more casual observers.

On the other hand, if Gruber is correct, the Republican plans to repeal and replace Obamacare would have a much smaller impact than the CBO expects.

If the individual mandate were to be repealed, many Americans might be interested in purchasing less comprehensive and less expensive coverage. The CBO has offered no estimates of how many might take advantage of such alternatives. It is currently illegal for insurance companies to offer less expensive plans offering less comprehensive coverage.

Imagine that — Americans making the conscious decision not to buy a consumer product, in this case health insurance. And why? Maybe because they are young and don’t believe they need it. Maybe it’s because they would rather spend their money on something else.

Who cares? It’s their decision — or, at least, it ought to be. And what’s more, CBO — the non-partisan agency all the #neverrepeal types in D.C. are using as justification to not support getting rid of Obamacare itself says when given the choice, millions of Americans would opt out of coverage on their own.

They wouldn’t be “thrown off.” They wouldn’t be “denied coverage.” They just wouldn’t buy it.

Face it, lawmakers who don’t support repeal and replacement of Obamacare for any reason also don’t support your right to choose which health coverage package is best for you. They think government ought to be doing it for you, even if the system they imposed on us is a) too expensive; b) under-serving; and c) falling apart.

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