(National Sentinel) Tax bureaucracy: The Internal Revenue Service has received its fair share of criticism over the decades, but to be fair, the agency sometimes got a bad rap for enforcing tax policies that Congress passed (and nobody on the Hill ever wants to talk about that).

As Congress bestowed more and more power on the IRS, it had the effect of attracting mid- and upper-level managers who had a certain authoritarian mindset — and a healthy disdain for one particular political party (that would be Republicans).

It’s what allowed the agency to become politically weaponized under the Obama regime.

But now, after eight years of Obama exploiting the IRS’ power and Left-wing ideological bent to thwart conservative groups and their political activity, a rather large group of House Republicans are ready to move on the IRS — to strip it of most of its authority or, even, to get rid of it altogether.

As reported by Lifezette:

A group of 151 conservative Republican congressmen are calling for the Internal Revenue Service to be abolished, calling it an “inefficient behemoth weighing down our economy.” 

“At its worst, the IRS has shown a capacity for outright corruption and political targeting,” the Republican Study Committee (RSC) wrote in its budget, released last week. “Under the Obama Administration, the IRS illegally targeted conservatives. It has channeled millions of taxpayer dollars away from taxpayer assistance for employee bonuses. It has allowed taxpayer information to be compromised in a data breach. The IRS has even intentionally leaked confidential taxpayer information. This is a blatant breach of trust. The American taxpayer deserves better.”

Further, the group’s budget calls for tax collection to be moved to “new, smaller and more accountable departments” at the Department of the Treasury, to include a family and individual unit, a business unit and an independent dispute-resolution unit.

And as for the Left-wing ideologues currently employed at IRS? Well, the RSC has a solution for them, too: Each prospective employee would be required to undergo a “rigorous evaluation” of their work performance, and then be more easily subjected to disciplinary action or termination if they violated the public’s trust (you know, by being liberal partisans).

“This fresh start is necessary to reassure Americans that the agency with access to every paycheck is trustworthy and honest,” the members of the RSC wrote.

More good stuff, per Lifezette:

The RSC’s budget also calls for scrapping the tax code by allowing it to sunset at the end of 2021, and starting fresh with a new tax system that would be simpler, with lower rates across the board (12, 25 and 33 percent) or possibly a flat tax, with no inheritance tax (known as the “death tax”) and few or no itemized deductions allowed.

“Only about 30 percent of individuals use itemized deductions, meaning many targeted tax breaks do not help most individuals,” the RSC wrote in the budget. “If you do not have a high-priced accountant digging through the tax code’s 70,000 pages to find you the best deals — or a high-priced lobbyist to get you a carve-out in the tax code — you are at a disadvantage.”

So what’s the point of this, really?

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“The Republican Study Committee unequivocally chooses to restore our republic,” Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said in a statement that accompanied the group’s budget proposal. “In order to do so, we must reform government in a bold way that reverses fiscally irresponsible decisions that are resulting in an unsustainable budget outlook.

“The appropriate role of a limited government is to protect liberty, opportunity, and security. It is the responsibility of each generation to preserve these principles for the next. The RSC’s budget achieves this endeavor in line with these principles by restoring fiscal balance in 2023 through responsible, bold reforms.”

We couldn’t agree more. This effort needs our support; we may never have a better opportunity to get these reforms through.

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