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Blue-collar workers in Dem strongholds blame Congress, not TRUMP, for inaction on prez’s agenda

(National SentinelElection 2020: Here’s more evidence the president’s base of support isn’t abandoning him.

Blue-collar workers in some of the Democratic Party’s strongholds are not blaming President Donald J. Trump for inaction on his agenda, they are blaming Congress, the Washington establishment and the Deep State for opposing him.

As reported by the Washington Times, those voters know that the president is being opposed by virtually everyone in D.C.:

Big-rig mechanic Salvatore Pirozzi hadn’t cast a ballot in a presidential election for most of his life until he got excited about voting for Donald Trump, and his support isn’t wavering.

Like many other blue-collar voters across the Rust Belt who confounded pollsters and pundits to deliver Mr. Trump an upset win in November, Mr. Pirozzi isn’t feeling buyer’s remorse as the president hits the six-month mark this week.

“He could be doing better, but he’s up against a lot of opposition,” said Mr. Pirozzi, 48. “I don’t regret it as far as voting is concerned. He’s our last hope.”

Trump, who managed to put traditionally blue states in the Republican column this past November, understands that the economy is what drives America, and his supporters realize that for some of his flaws, that’s what he is most focused on.

“He is a d– and he doesn’t go by everybody’s social norms, but he wants to help the economy. He wants to make America great again,” Eric Walz, 47, a self-employed information technology and maintenance specialist told the Times.

Walz was one of those forgotten Americans; he cast his ballot for Trump Nov. 8, having skipped other presidential elections.

“There’s always going to be negative things,” he said, “but the economy is booming.” He blamed Congress and the establishment, not Trump, for legislative impasses on healthcare reform, tax reform, and other Trump agenda priorities.

The Times noted further:

Despite the promise of economic expansion from a succession of presidents from both parties, they have struggled with stagnant wages and dwindling job opportunities.

Those angry blue-collar voters across longtime Democratic strongholds such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are now firmly behind Mr. Trump and his Republican Party, said G. Terry Madonna, director of the polling program at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

“These are voters who think the Democratic Party no longer represents them,” he said. “We could go through the issues, whether it is climate change, whether it is immigration — you can pick the issue.”

His supporters know that Trump has indeed delivered already on several campaign promises, including border enforcement, rolling back regulations, and canceling trade and climate change agreements that would harm America economically.



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