(National Sentinel) Executive Branch: It’s no secret that Donald J. Trump is the ultimate Washington outsider, but conservative talk giant Rush Limbaugh thinks the president’s team still doesn’t fully understand who their opponents really are.

Survival gearOn Tuesday following the Republican-led Senate’s abysmal failure to do what the majority promised regarding Obamacare — repeal and replace it — Limbaugh lit into Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s and other GOP leaders’ failure to move the legislation, saying its further proof of “the establishment unifying to get rid of Donald Trump,” the Washington Times reported.

He then went on to observe that the president’s team is misidentifying the real opposition to their agenda in D.C.

“The fight is not Republican versus Democrat,” Limbaugh said. “The fight is Donald Trump and his cadre and you, the Trump base, versus the Washington establishment. It has always been that and nothing more. And, frankly, I think one of the problems has been that there aren’t enough people in the Trump White House who understand that that’s the way the table’s set.”

And Trump will continue to face this opposition, the host added, because Washington “is built around the existence of this establishment.”

“This is the elite membership of the establishment unifying to get rid of Donald Trump and make sure that nothing of his announced agenda happens,” he continued. “No wall, no tax reform, no immigration reform of substance, and certainly no repealing of Obamacare. Not all members of the establishment are equally powerful. There are those who run it. You don’t know who they are. They don’t seek office. They’re not office holders. They are the chess players, the puppeteers.

“These are the people who assign roles,” he noted further. “These are the people who determine how much money from the pile goes where, how much they get […] who gets it and therefore who remains loyal to the power and the elite club known as the establishment. They’re all aligned and unified now to deny Donald Trump and, if they can, to sabotage his presidency. They don’t care about impeachment — just paralyze him. This has been from day one.”

After the Senate’s failure to move legislation, Trump tweeted that inaction has “let down” Americans. But he still remained optimistic:

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