(National Sentinel) Politics: The Democratic Party doesn’t stand for much these days, except that it exists only to oppose President Donald J. Trump and gin up Trump hate, according to a new survey.

When 1,001 people were asked, “Do you think the Democratic Party currently stands for something, or just stands against Trump?” 52 percent said the latter, while only 37 percent said the former.

As further reported by The Daily Caller:

The apparent messaging problem was even starker among registered voters, of which only 35 percent felt the Democrats stand for something while 54 percent felt they only stand against Trump.


Some Democrats are starting to sound the alarm bells, warning their party that the anti-Trump messaging isn’t attracting voters.

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, for example, has recently called on Democrats to adopt a strong economic message, while Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy argued that the Democrats spend too much time talking about Russia at the expense of other issues that matter to voters.

That’s fine, but according to the Washington Post survey, more respondents than not (43 percent to 41 percent) think Trump is handling the economy well.

And that’s from a survey that over-sampled Democrats (as usual), with 35 percent identifying with the party of the donkey compared to 23 percent who identified as Republicans and 35 percent as “Independents.”

The Democratic Party really doesn’t have much of a message today, save for fomenting and exacerbating Trump hate. The party can’t name one major initiative that it actually supports, other than the status quo: More government spending, NO fiscal reform, NO changes to a failing healthcare law; NO reductions in rules and regulations.

When America elected Trump they rejected the “status quo.” Democrats (and many RINOs) still can’t wrap their heads around that fact.

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