(National Sentinel) Election 2018: Poor Maxine Waters. Literally.

The never-Trump gadfly and head of the “Impeach 45” mini-movement has become a darling of the extreme Left in the era of President Donald J. Trump. But that hasn’t translated into big campaign bucks.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, recent fundraising efforts have only netted the California Democrat a paltry sum:

Citizens for Waters, Rep. Waters’ campaign committee, reported receiving just $12,600 individual contributions throughout the second quarter, which runs between April 1 and June 30. During the first quarter, which spans from Jan. 1 to March 31, the campaign reported $9,508.79 in individual contributions. Waters has now pulled in just $22,108.79 in total individual contributions.

The campaign has compensated for the low amount of individual contributions by pulling in six figures from political action committees. The campaign reported $2,500 from PACs during the first quarter and $99,500 during the second quarter.

Rep. Waters’ campaign now has $193,714.02 cash on hand and debts totaling $128,748.12. A majority of the debt is owed to Karen Waters, the daughter of Maxine Waters.

So much for the “Resistance” hero; were it not for the Democratic machine, Waters wouldn’t even have enough to pay her daughter the $100 grand she owes her for her campaign work (and people are worried about nepotism at the White House?).

Oh yeah — the mailers went out to some 200,000 potential donors — netting less than $23k.

Waters is in a very safe Deep Blue district full of mindless Democratic sheep who will pull the lever for her no matter what. But it’s interesting to note that her constituents aren’t sycophantic enough to put their money where their votes are. If she had to depend on that to win, she’d be unemployed by next year.

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