(National Sentinel) Media: It seems like forever ago when then-Fox News evening hostess Megyn Kelly was near the top of the primetime cable news viewership, as the latest numbers for her NBC Sunday night show hit a new ratings low.

As reported by Variety:

Airing at 9 p.m., “Candy Crush” averaged a 0.8 rating in adults 18-49 and 2.9 million viewers this week, down nearly 30% in both key measures compared to the premiere last week (1.1, 4.1 million).  It is worth pointing out that “Game of Thrones” returned for its seventh season on HBO in the same timeslot.

Earlier in the night at 7 p.m. on NBC, “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” drew a 0.4 rating and 3.1 million viewers, the newsmagazine’s lowest total viewer number since it debuted at the beginning of June. Kelly also matched a series low in the key demo.

Over 70,000 baseball products!Whatever it is — her personality, the Alex Jones interview debacle, the loss of Fox viewers, the fact that she’s now on just another “mainstream” media network — or a combination of these and other factors, it’s become clear to us that Kelly’s meteoric rise has ended and she is crashing back to earth. Personally, we believe she lost her mojo after undercutting then-GOP candidate Donald J. Trump during the very first Republican debate last year.

The only question now is how long NBC will continue hemorrhaging money it has invested in her.

Earlier we reported that radio personality Mark Simone claimed in a tweet that NBC execs were in a panic over her ratings disasters, even suggesting that they may approach rival Fox News to see if there was any interest in buying her out.

That hasn’t happened yet, so we can only speculate that a) the story was never true; or b) Fox News wasn’t interested.

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