(National Sentinel) Political correctness: Under President Obama, all branches, divisions and levels of government were politicized, and that included the U.S. intelligence community, federal law enforcement and the military — areas that, traditionally, were relatively free from political influence.

Obama focused his Left-wing activism particularly on tearing down centuries of tradition within the U.S. military, destroying President Bill Clinton’s very reasonable “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of ending military recruiters’ questioning potential new troops about their sexual orientation, to allowing them to serve openly in the ranks. Then, before leaving office, he ensured his then-secretary of defense, Ashton Carter (who later selected acting Air Force Secretary Eric Fanning to become his chief of staff and the first openly gay man to hold the post) would approve a measure to allow transgenders to serve openly as well.

And even have their transgender surgeries paid for by the Pentagon (and taxpayers) — even as the Defense Department struggles to fund new weapons and upgrades to current systems after 16 years of war.

One U.S. lawmaker, Rep. Vicki Hartzler, R-Mo., probably thought it was a slam-dunk last week when she introduced a measure to forbid the Pentagon from funding such nonsensical PC BS, given that her party traditionally does not go for such programs.

Boy was she wrong. Twenty-four Republicans actually voted against the amendment, ensuring that, for now, such funding will remain in place. The measure was defeated 209-214 Thursday after 24 GOP members sided with Democrats. Former President Barack Obama initiated the social policy changes that the Pentagon enacted in 2015.

“The Obama transgender policy, which was implemented without input from members of Congress, is ill-conceived and contrary to our goals of increasing troop readiness and investing defense dollars into addressing budget shortfalls of the past,” Hartzler said in a statement. “By recruiting and allowing transgender individuals to serve in our military we are subjecting taxpayers to high medical costs including up to $130,000 per transition surgery, lifetime hormone treatments, and additional surgeries to address the high percentage of individuals who experience complications.”

And, of course, there’s that loss of morale thing that nobody who has never served can possibly fathom or understand.

In the interest of preserving the public record, here is a list of the 24 GOP lawmakers whom voters in their districts should remember in 2018:

  • California Rep. Paul Cook
  • California Rep. Jeff Denham
  • California Rep. Steve Knight
  • California Rep. Darrell Issa
  • Colorado Rep Mike Coffman
  • Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo
  • Florida Rep. Lena Ros-Lehtinen
  • Florida Rep. Brian Mast
  • Michigan Rep. Justin Amash
  • Michigan Rep. Jack Bergman
  • New Jersey Rep. Leonard Lance
  • New Jersey Rep. Frank Lobiondo
  • New Jersey Rep. Tom MacArthur
  • New York Rep. John Faso
  • New York Rep. Elise Stefanik
  • New York Rep. Tom Reed
  • New York Rep. John Katko
  • New York Rep. Claudia Tenney
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Ryan Costello
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Charles Dent
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock
  • Washington Rep. David Reichert

There are additional readiness issues tied to this insane policy as well, as Hartzler noted.

“The deployability of individuals going through the sex transition process is highly problematic, requiring 210 to 238 work days where a soldier is non-deployable [our emphasis] after surgery,” Hartzler said. “This recovery time equates to 1.4 million manpower days where transgender personnel cannot deploy and fight our nation’s wars, therefore relying on an already stressed force to pick up the burden. It makes no sense to purposely recruit individuals who cannot serve.”

Obama had eight years to destroy American values, mores and traditions, including those long-held in the military. We can only hope President Donald J. Trump and his national security and defense team have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and reverse these absurdities, as the vast majority of the military wants.


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