(National Sentinel) Culture: The entire Fort Lauderdale, Fla., police department is now likely to face mandatory training after one of its own committed the heinous, despicable, unforgiving crime of using the wrong pronoun with a citizen who is confused about what sex they really are.

As reported by The Daily Caller, the cop is now in hot water — no, seriously — over the slip as well:

The entire Fort Lauderdale police department may have to undergo special training after a police officer used the wrong pronouns with a transgender citizen.

The city’s Citizens Police Review Board made the suggestion Monday, after Officer James Brinton referred to Shelby Kendall, a transgender woman, as a male during a January traffic stop, reports the Sun-Sentinel.

“I think it’s fair. It’s a matter of training and the officers need training,” Marc Dickinson, a board member, said. The review board also suggested Brinton gets a written reprimand for the incident.

Well, of course you do, Mr. Dickinson, because you’re obviously a whacked-out lib who is part of the reason why the United States has become a laughing stock among the world’s serious powers.

More from Daily Caller describing the heinous act:

Brinton pulled over Kendall, a man who identifies as a woman, for reckless driving Jan. 28 because Kendall was drag racing a black Chevrolet Camaro against another car on a public road. Brinton gave Kendall a reckless driving ticket, but referred to Kendall as a male even though his driver’s license listed Kendall’s gender as “female.”

[If you chuckled at the phrase “drag racing” as it pertains to this story, you’re our kind of reader.]

For Brinton’s sins, the entire department is likely now to have to endure a 13-minute video explaining why 99.5 percent of the human race is wrong and why .5 percent get to dictate the rules of society.

Meanwhile, this cop gets a black mark on his service record that could lead to loss of promotion or even a firing down the road, should he ‘screw up’ again and call a man a man, even if he thinks he’s got a vagina hidden somewhere within him.

It’s not as though police are getting shot and killed, beaten and harassed by Left-wing nut  job “social justice warriors” right and left; now they have to endure punishment for using the wrong pronoun.

No wonder many cities are having trouble finding new police recruits.

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