(National Sentinel) Guns controlled: Throughout Donald J. Trump’s campaign, a number of Republicans balked at supporting his bid for the GOP nomination, claiming that he wasn’t really “a conservative.”

Well, we’d like to know how these same folks would describe today’s Republican leadership in Congress, because on a core issue — gun rights — the GOP leader in the House is AWOL.

In early January Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., introduced a national reciprocity bill that would have required every state to recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states. When it was filed Jan. 3, it had 199 co-sponsors.

So this seems not only like a very popular piece of legislation, but most definitely a very popular conservative Republican piece of legislation, right?

And yet, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Why?

Well, for an answer to that you’d have to ask Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and other House GOP leaders because the measure has sat collecting dust ever since it was introduced. And now, a noted gun control group is cheering the inaction, as Breitbart News reports:

In a Thursday report, Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety took a victory lap over the fact that the Republicans control the House yet [Ryan] is not advancing national reciprocity.

Others have noted GOP inaction on the Second Amendment. Politico reported, “Republicans in Washington keep promising rollbacks of gun control laws” but “so far haven’t taken action on any on it.”

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Breitbart noted further:

Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Mo Brooks (R-AL), and Barry Loudermilk (R-KY) emerged from the June 14 Alexandria attack with a sharp focus on concealed carry and the ability to have a gun on one’s person for self-defense regardless of the state (or district) through which one is traveling. Second Amendment supporters hope Massie, Brooks, and Loudermilk can motivate Ryan to act on behalf of gun owners at a time like this; a time when Republicans control the House and Senate, and have a president who has already made clear he supports national reciprocity for concealed carry.

So with clear majorities in both chambers of Congress and ownership of the Oval Office, conservatives still can’t get national reciprocity — or Obamacare repeal, or major tax reform.

Why, exactly, do we continue to send these same, lame GOP “leaders” who have long shed any semblance of “conservatism” back to D.C.?

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