(National Sentinel) The Swamp: In yet another example of how badly the incestuous D.C. swamp that President Donald J. Trump has pledged to drain really smells, The Daily Caller reports that the Federal Elections Commission has for years been withholding information that could expose potentially embarrassing or improper actions pertaining to Democrats’ taxpayer- and foreign-funded travel.

Live Fire Gear - Live Fire OriginalAs the site reported:

The FEC — which includes three commissioners each from Democratic and Republican parties — has withheld records related to 17 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed more than three years ago, according to an agency document obtained by TheDCNF. Of the 17, 10 have been pending for nearly four years, another will be five this year and the oldest turned six in June.

The requested documents span a variety of topics, ranging from communications regarding former FEC official Lois Lerner, the central figure in the IRS targeting scandal, to internal communications and commission policy documents.

Four unfulfilled requests, including the oldest, seek records related to FEC commissioners’ travel. These documents are especially relevant because of a recent report showing the Democratic members of the commission have taken at least 50 trips funded by foreign groups, governments and U.S. taxpayers since 2002.

Additionally, foreign groups funded overseas travel for Democratic FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub who recently proposed a plan to defend against foreign influence in U.S. elections following allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential contest, TheDCNF previously revealed.

No current GOP members of the FEC have taken such trips, the site noted further.


As for Weintraub, she also took a $9,200 trip to Indonesia in which an FEC itinerary showed a five-day gap between events — suggesting that she may have been partying and sightseeing on the taxpayer’s dime.

Besides seeking information on foreign trips, some FOIA requests deal with Democratic commissioners’ travel to political events, like conventions.

If you stop to really consider for a moment the enormity of “the swamp” that Trump has pledged to dredge, you can understand how daunting a task it really is. And remember, Trump will only get eight years (yes, we think he’ll be reelected — much to the Marxist Left’s consternation) to drain it; it’s been steadily growing and festering now for decades.

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