(National Sentinel) Polling: On more than one occasion, you’ve probably read the results of a political survey that made you shake your head and mutter, “There’s no way that’s right.” That is especially the case if you’re a conservative.

Well, turns out you’d be right. According to a number of polling CEOs, there most definitely is a pro-Democrat bias in polling — as we saw in the 2016 presidential election and are beginning to see once again (because like all Left-wing pretend media, these folks don’t learn lessons).

As reported by The Daily Caller, the same usual suspects in the polling world have gone back to churning out misleading polling figures after embarrassing themselves in the weeks and months leading up to November.

“I do know inherently there is a Democratic bias in the polls. And most of them will deny it” Raghavan Mayur, an independent pollster who is president of TechnoMetrica, which leads the polling operations at Investor’s Business Daily, told the news site.

IBD, which focuses on monetary reporting, was one of the few news sources to actually predict a Donald J. Trump victory.

“Typically, the mainstream media and the major polling companies will never admit their bias to you,” Mayur said. “This is like an alcoholic not admitting to using alcohol. They are in denial.”

Patrick Caddell, a Democratic pollster, agreed, adding “there was a couple of days of shock” following the election. “And then they moved on because what they could not do is to get to the bottom of their own polling bias.”

When polling the public, most mainstream firms “overloaded for Democrats, underloaded for Republicans and conservatives,” said Francis Coombs, managing editor of Rasmussen Reports.

“I am a liberal Democrat, but I always felt that other polls oversampled Democrats and undersampled Republicans,” added pollster John Zogby.

The Daily Caller noted further:

Since the 2016 elections, some polling companies have continued to survey “registered” or “likely voters,” a practice usually deployed near election time. These include pollsters at The Economist, Rasmussen, Fox News and USA Today.

But most of the major liberal news and polling organizations, including Reuters, CBS, CNN, Gallup and CNBC only survey “adults” from age 18 and up, which includes a large number who never or only rarely vote. This cohort seldom follows public policy controversies as closely as “likely voters.”

The principle reason for all of the bias by the Left-wing media is that they use their surveys and polling not to accurately express the will of the people, but to influence thinking and to shape opinion. Their polls themselves become ‘the news,’ rather than snapshots of public sentiment.

What’s more, such manipulation has been shown to be effective. Consider the lopsided polling concerning Republicans’ half-assed efforts to “repeal” Obamacare: Many of them are citing polls from these same discredited media outlets to justify their inaction or unwillingness to fully repeal a law they all promised they would repeal. And yet, one of the principle reasons why Republicans were given control over both chambers of Congress and the White House was to repeal Obamacare.

So how do you go from a mandate to uncertainty? One way is via biased polling.

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