(National Sentinel) Europe: Sometime after Germany lost its second world war in less than 50 years, the once-proud nation lost its soul. And its direction. And any semblance of patriotism its people had left.

That’s the best way to explain why today’s Germany, still Europe’s economic powerhouse, would permit itself to be overrun by a foreign culture so diametrically opposed to Western civilization. And it helps explain one other phenomenon: Donald J. Trump becoming president.

As reported by The Gatestone Institute, the Germans are so neutered they are too afraid to assert normal rights that any sovereign nation has when it comes to internal enforcement of its own rules, observance of its own traditions and defense of its own culture:

A hundred Islamists are now openly enforcing Sharia law on the streets of Berlin, according to local police who are investigating a recent string of violent assaults in the German capital.

The self-appointed morality police involve Salafists from Chechnya, a predominantly Sunni Muslim region in Russia. The vigilantes are using threats of violence to discourage Chechen migrants from integrating into German society; they are also promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in Germany. German authorities appear unable to stop them.

The Sharia patrol came to public light in May 2017, when Chechen Salafists released a video warning other Chechens in Germany that those who fail to comply with Islamic law and adat, a traditional Chechen code of behavior, will be killed. The video’s existence was reported by Meduza, a Russian-language independent media organization based in Latvia. The video, which circulated through WhatsApp, an online messaging service, showed a hooded man aiming a pistol at the camera.

Speaking in Chechen, he declared: “Muslim brothers and sisters. Here, in Europe, certain Chechen women and men who look like women do unspeakable things. You know it; I know it; everybody knows it. This is why we hereby declare: For now, there are about 80 of us. More people are willing to join. Those who have lost their national identity, who flirt with men of other ethnic groups and marry them, Chechen women who have chosen the wrong path and those creatures who call themselves Chechen men — given half a chance, we will set all of them straight. Having sworn on the Koran, we go out onto the streets. This is our declaration of intent; do not say that you were not warned; do not say that you did not know. May Allah grant us peace and set our feet on the path towards justice.”

This is just the latest report detailing how Muslim migrants are not only assailing traditional Western culture throughout the European continent, but are imposing their own laws and customs and traditions to supplant those of the nations in which they are supposedly guests.

There are pockets of resistance to this takeover of European nationalist sentiment — no, not the Hitler or Mussolini style of nationalism, but more the kind a patriot feels when his or her values, mores and customs are under assault.

But they are few and far between, and save for a few nations like Hungary and Poland, are not pervasive throughout Old Europe. Even Britain has been largely overrun.

The slow death of Europe via the continuing ‘invasion’ of Muslims who seek no comity,  parity or cohabitation with their European hosts has been closely watched by tens of millions of Americans, most of whom voted enthusiastically for the presidential candidate who promised he wouldn’t allow that invasion to be replicated in America.

Germany and the rest of Europe will either figure out soon they are allowed to have enough pride in their own countries to protect and defend their cultures and values, or they will be permanently lost to the Islamic hordes with which they share no common bond.

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