(National Sentinel) Terrorism: Tens of millions of Americans (and some Canadians) continue to express outrage at Ottawa’s decision to pay a terrorist and former Guantanamo Bay ‘resident’ millions of dollars after his release, citing his history of killing American military personnel.

As reported by The Daily Caller, one former vet blinded by Omar Khadr’s grenade attack that killed Sgt. Chris Speer has called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “traitor.”

The site noted further:

In an interview with the Toronto Sun on Saturday, Layne Morris says Trudeau’s decision to reward the former al-Qaida terrorist with a formal apology and $10.5 million cash settlement feels “like a punch in the face.”

“I don’t see this as anything but treason,” said Morris. “It’s something a traitor would do. As far as I am concerned, Prime Minister Trudeau should be charged.”

Morris is also angry that Trudeau delivered the “compensation” money to Khadr in secret so that the settlement would be unknown to any U.S. court. Morris, along with Speer’s widow, Tabitha Speer, were awarded $134 million in a civil suit aimed against Khadr.

“It feels like a dirty deal to me,” said the former U.S. Army special force sergeant said, adding that Khadr was also removed from Guantanamo Bay in secret by then-President Barack Obama and sent to Canada (which should surprise no one, given Obama’s penchant for dumping on American values).

“He sure gets special treatment,” Morris continued, noting that American medics saved  Khadr’s life when they could have left him to “die like a dog.”

Morris is bewildered that one of America’s closest allies would sanction a payoff to Khadr.

“We were fighting the terrorists. They were the bad guys. Something is really off here,” he said. “I can’t believe any government would get involved in something like this.”

“The fact is Chris Speer and myself were fighting with Canadians in Afghanistan. We were alongside the PPCLI [Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry]. There was a Canadian flag flying along with the American flag at our base there, so it’s quite a thing that now Canada is giving millions to a guy who would attack a compound where Canadians were serving.”

Speer — and every other American who is upset about this — has every right to be. It certainly was a kick in the face, diplomatically speaking, and it was done for no other reason than to spite the U.S. over its continued incarceration of terrorists at Gitmo.

This is the problem when one powerful country — the one the world always turns to when there is some heavy lifting to be done — enables far less powerful countries to exist safely within its security umbrella. The one reason Canada does not have to worry about ceasing to exist is because it has the good fortune of bordering the United States (ditto for Mexico). It’s people can sniff and wail about “treatment of the people in Gitmo” because they have the luxury of not having to deal with terrorists and terrorism. They haven’t lost thousands of troops and spent hundreds of billions of dollars keeping themselves (and much of the rest of the world) safe from the evil that is ISIS.

This disgusting insult is why more Americans in more states voted for Trump and why they continue to support his “America First” policies: We are sick and tired of being taken advantage of by “allies” who work to subvert us at every opportunity.

Leaders around the globe constantly complain about American “interventionism;” wouldn’t it be something to see how they get along in a world where we act only on our interests?

For a glimpse into that, just check out how the nations of the G20 are freaking out over Trump’s “go it alone” approach to foreign and economic policy.

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