(National Sentinel) Executive Branch: President Donald J. Trump never wanted a salary to begin with, but he was forced to accept it because it’s the law.

But he’s not taking the money. Instead, he’s been donating his pay to various projects and organizations, as he pledged that he would in January.

In April, Trump donated his salary ($78,333.32) to the National Park Service. And now, he’s donating the same amount to the Interior Department, which has announced it would use the money to restore an important Civil War landmark, as reported by Fox News:

[Interior Secretary Ryan] Zinke said he would be using the funds to renovate Maryland’s Antietam National Battlefield, a few miles outside Harper’s Ferry, W.V.

Antietam, known in the South as the Battle of Sharpsburg, took place in September 1862 and was the bloodiest single day in the entire war.

The battle was an important victory for the Union, as it stopped the Confederates’ first drive toward the North.

More than 5,600 troops alone were killed along a strip of road nicknamed “Bloody Lane,” as Union Gen. Israel Richardson met Confederate Gen. Richard Anderson’s troops in the peak of the conflict.

The announcement came 154 years to the week that the war turned all but completely in the Union’s favor just 40 miles to the north in Gettysburg, Pa.

You may not agree with all of Trump’s policies or his agenda, but you can’t say the man isn’t true to his word or that he doesn’t care about his country; by donating his salary for use by various government agencies, Trump is essentially returning money to taxpayers.

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