(National Sentinel) Crime: While most of the nation celebrated America’s 241st birthday in peace, residents of Chicago were mourning the loss of their own as some 100 people were shot and 14 killed.

That said, as reported by Breitbart News, Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to double down on policies that are leaving innocent people vulnerable:

That means 86 were shot and wounded and 14 were killed over one holiday weekend in Chicago. Yet Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) supports even more gun control on the good guys–federally licensed firearms dealers–and opposes concealed carry reciprocity for law-abiding citizens.

For his part, President Donald J. Trump has seen enough of Chicago’s repeated failure a) to even slow down the rate of gang-related murders in the city; and b) allow citizens to defend themselves since the cops can’t do much:

Breitbart noted further:

There were nearly 4,400 shooting victims in gun-controlled Chicago in 2016 and almost 800 homicides. At some point city officials have to realize that the gun control-first approach is inhumane. Human beings are being preyed upon by armed street criminals and gang members who are not concerned with laws prohibiting the possession of guns or laws prohibiting murder. Gun control does not stop them. Rather, it empowers them.

No truer words. Emanuel refuses to approve more aggressive policing tactics, does not want the National Guard on his streets, and won’t allow law-abiding people to obtain the means to protect themselves from the carnage.

The mayor has blood on his hands.

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