(National Sentinel) Patriotism: The hate-filled Left now has a new “triggering event:” The Fourth of July, America’s birthday.

What’s the big deal? Why, it’s racist, of course. Oh, and bigoted. And…just awful.

As reported by Lifezette, the day America declared its independence from Great Britain – now 241 years ago this year – has long been observed as one of our most beloved holidays, stirring passions of patriotism and pride in the country.

It has also traditionally been a time when most of us reflected on our good fortune to live in such a bountiful country where – in spite of the encroachments in our lives over the decades by big government — we can still largely pursue a life of our own choosing, and if we put in the time and effort, reach our goals and live much better than billions of other humans on the planet.

What’s more, Americans who may disagree politically at least agreed that our country was a great one indeed, and that we are much better off being Americans than any other nationality.

So much for those days. The hate-filled, radical Left now sees the Fourth of July as a major source of aggravation:

Increased leftist hatred for the Fourth of July has risen along with the radical identity politics that cast America as a historically racist country. A radical website called LatinoRebels.com published an article on June 30 entitled “The Fourth of July: A Celebration of Hatred.”

“The holiday that breeds the most unanalyzed celebration of white supremacy, genocide, and colonialism needs to be done away with — or celebrated with a different face,” the article claimed. “Somewhere along the way, patriotism became code for racism in the United States.”

Somewhere along the way? Yes, when the radical Left created the “patriotism = racism” narrative; it sure wasn’t a construct that developed naturally.

“Should Blacks Celebrate July 4th?” pondered columnist Michael Coard, writing on July 1 for the Philadelphia Tribune. “Simply stated, the answer is ‘No!'” [Coard is a member of a black activist group called Avenging The Ancestors Coalition, which is hosting its own segregated July Fourth celebration, Lifezette reported.]

“To learn more about the racism of July 4th, of the Declaration of Independence, and of the Revolutionary War, attend the Black Independence Day event organized by Avenging The Ancestors Coalition (ATAC) on Tuesday, July 4th at 3 p.m. at the Slavery Memorial/President’s House at Sixth and Market,” wrote Coard.

So, when Democrats pine for more and more immigration, telling all of us that “diversity is our strength!” — now you know what a lie that is. Democrats seek “diversity” so they can build a coalition of ethnic groups to nullify declining numbers of white voters; that’s been their entire political strategy since early in the first term of George W. Bush.

Worse, a generation of young Americans have been brainwashed by our educational institutions to believe that our founders were all racist, slave-owning killers of Native Americans. And while some were, left out of that revisionist version of our history is the fact that those men were brilliant enough to draft a founding document — the Constitution — that permitted future generations of Americans to adapt to changes in society and beliefs.



You get the picture.

In any event, the Fourth of July is now a “triggering” event for America-hating Leftists who have completely bought into the lie that our founding fathers were not guarantors of internal peace and prosperity for future generations, but some of the most loathsome characters ever to walk the face of the earth.

As always, we invite those folks who really do think that to spin a globe and find a country with a more suitable history in which to live.

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