(National Sentinel) Healthcare reform: He may be a thorn in the side of the Washington establishment — a good thing, in our book — but Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is a patriot who is doing what he can to troll the Republican establishment’s efforts in the Senate to retain as much control over American health care as possible, while pretending to return control to the people.

Paul has been out front in opposition to the Senate’s attempts to water down the House’s version of Obamacare repeal-and-replace, now claiming his chamber’s version of “repeal” looks more like a “Christmas tree full of billion-dollar ornaments.”

“I don’t think we’re getting anywhere with the bill we have.We’re at an impasse,” he told “Fox News Sunday,” Breitbart News reported.

“Every time you add more federal money, more spending for their big government Republicans it offends the conservatives. So right now this bill, which is not a repeal, has become the kitchen sink,” he continued. “We have nearly $200 billion in insurance bailouts. Does anybody remember us complaining that Obamacare had insurance bailouts? We now have codified nearly $200 billion.”

Continuing, he noted: “There’s $45 billion in here for opioids. So the bill is just being lit up like a Christmas tree full of billion-dollar ornaments and it’s not repeal, We don’t repeal the regulations. We don’t repeal the subsidies. Now there are Republicans getting so weak kneed they are saying we are afraid to repeal the taxes. What happened to these people? They were all for repealing Obamacare and now there’s virtually no one left.”

The fakestream media and the Democrats have attempted to portray the GOP repeal and replace effort as political suicide — something that far to many Republicans have fallen for: Historically, Americans have always opposed Obamacare. And there is this: Republicans ran on Obamacare repeal, and they now have the presidency along with control of Congress.

How much more obvious can it get that the public wants them to get rid of a “healthcare reform bill” that was ultimately designed to lead to full government-run healthcare?

If Americans think Obamacare and the GOP repeal bill is bad, just wait until the entire system is run like the chronically failed Veterans Administration, because that’s what we’ll end up with.

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