By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National Sentinel) Political Left: As America is set to have its 241st birthday - we’re still very, very young, by historical standards - the political Left led by the Democratic Party and its media and academic water-carriers continue to push the false notion that President Donald J. Trump is a threat to our constitutional republic - more so even then that time when, you know, we survived a Civil War.

This irrational claim is embodied in a story published by The Associated Press on Sunday, which insinuated that Americans en masse are refocusing on ‘what democracy means’ in the age of an outsider president who is so obviously detested and regularly undermined by the political and media establishment he was sent to dismember.

AP reporter Hillel Italie began the piece thusly:

In his 4½ years as a state senator from Manhattan, Brad Holyman has handed out everything from flashlights to T-shirts at political rallies. But for a gathering held soon after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, he decided on something more substantial:

Copies of the Constitution.

“My constituents had been asking me, ‘What can I do to help?’ ‘How do I prepare myself?'” says Holyman, a Democrat in his third term who has since distributed thousands of copies. “A year ago, who would have imagined that giving away the Constitution would be seen as an act of resistance?”

Americans have disagreed about government and civic life since the country’s founding, about who should vote, who should run for office and the risks of political factions. But as the U.S. nears its 241st birthday, many say democracy itself is in the dock.

Trump, with his labeling the mainstream press the “enemy of the people” and his disparagement of “so-called” judges and other traditional checks on executive power, has critics anxious about not just a given policy but the fate of self-rule — at the same time that his supporters view his rise as the kind of anti-elitist triumph democracy is supposed to represent.

“I think it’s highly unusual and disconcerting to have so many people worried about the foundations of our democracy,” said Wendy R. Weiser, director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Democracy Program at the New York University School of Law, who concentrates on voting rights and elections, among other issues. “We’re always talking about democracy and struggling to live up to our ideals, but never with so many fundamental questions as we’re doing right now.”

And somehow, today’s “activists” seek to remake American “democracy” in some way that differs from what the founders had in mind.

“None of the founders envisioned our modern democracy, with its broad suffrage and competing political parties,” Gordon Wood, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian of the Revolutionary War era, told the AP. “Running for office was demagogic and dangerous. The founders believed in equality but they essentially meant equality of opportunity. Sons of weavers and cobblers could go to college and become gentlemen, but weavers and cobblers themselves were not to become politicians and campaign for office.”


Is Trump a real threat to our country? Seriously?

Hardly. In fact, if any presidents in recent history were threats, on various levels, serious observers would have to say George W. Bush (with all that post-9-11 surveillance, which many justified) and Barack Obama (with his serial violations of the Constitution).

But Trump? He hasn’t even been in office long enough to violate the Constitution. Then again, the Left asserts that by his very presence in the Oval Office somehow that is a perversion of our governing system.

All presidents, beginning with George Washington, sought to expand the power of the Executive Branch. Trump will likely try as well.

But for those who did, it was on Congress (and the federal judiciary) to step in with its checks and balances, which, by the way, remain in place today.

Yes, as Wood asserts, the founders’ vision of “equality” may well have been different than it is today. But the brilliance of the founders and the Constitution they created is that it contained all the necessary legislative and executive tools for future generations to adapt to political and social circumstances and changes of the day. If our laws and policies of today could be superimposed on 1800 America, “weavers and cobblers” most certainly could - and would - become politicians and run for office, and many have.

But what about Holyman’s assertion that passing out the Constitution is an “act of resistance?” What is he talking about? And where was he when his president was regularly doing what he asserts Trump has done (without evidence, mind you)?

All of this nonsense is centered on Left-wing angst over Trump the anti-establishmentarian. Their comparisons with “fascism” and declarations that he somehow represents the end of our country are not only unfounded, they are dangerous. Their unhinged rhetoric is enabling a pre-ordained, pre-conceived outcome, in order to push and promote their political agenda.

Are there serious threats to the Republic? Yes, most definitely, but they are coming from the Left, which - through intimidation, violence and refusal to accede to the rule of law under a Trump administration - is what really endangers our future.

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