(National Sentinel) Media: The fake news media strikes again.

As noted by Breitbart News, a recent report by “six” Republican “sources” claiming there is a great deal of friction between staffs of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence is bogus.

Pence spokesman Marc Lotter pushed back, telling the news site in an exclusive interview that the story line that the White House is in turmoil or that the Trump and Pence teams are divided is “the gold standard for fake news.” He summarily “refuted outsiders’ claims that there is any sort of division between staff members of the President and Vice President,” Breitbart News reported further.


None of the six Republicans cited in a Saturday McClatchy DC article entitled “GOP’s latest worry: White House turmoil dividing Trump, Pence staffs,” were identified as having ever worked for the Trump Administration. The report states that four of six sources used had worked merely for the Trump-Pence campaign or transition. Two named sources have worked for establishment Republicans who favored Jeb Bush for President in 2016. Michael Steel worked for Bush’s 2016 campaign directly.

Lotter told Breitbart News that what it comes down to is, “This is an entire story based off of speculation from people outside that have no idea what it’s like being in there.” The Trump and Pence teams are working in collaboration and communicating, according to Lotter.

“Our staffs are very close and we’re continuing to get closer every day,” he added. He confirmed that the two teams are working together to move the President’s agenda forward.

Lotter noted further: “None of the sources are actually in the White House or in the Office of the Vice President. This is all based on outside people talking.

“Our staffs have never been closer.”

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