(National Sentinel) Political posturing: Frustrated by their inability to take out President Donald J. Trump through the usual Deep State-media tactics, at least two dozen Democrats are signing on to an effort to get him declared mentally unstable and removed from office under provisions of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., who teaches constitutional law on the side at American University, has begun an effort to convene a special committee of psychiatrists and other doctors who would be tasked with determining whether Trump is mentally competent to serve as the nations’ commander-in-chief.

Under provisions of the 25th Amendment, a president can be removed from office if he self-determines he is unable to continue to discharge his duties, or if the vice president and a majority of the president’s Cabinet, “or of such other body as Congress may by law provide,” make the determination.

The Daily Mail reported further on Raskin’s long-shot effort:

Raskin’s bill would allow the four Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate to each choose a psychiatrist and another doctor. Then each party would add a former statesman – like a retired president or vice president. 

The final group of 10 would meet and choose an 11th member, who would become the committee’s chairman.

Once the group is officially seated, the House and Senate could direct it through a joint resolution to conduct an actual examination of the president ‘to determine whether the president is incapacitated, either mentally or physically,’ according to the Raskin bill.

And if the president refuses to participate, the bill dictates, that “shall be taken into consideration by the commission in reaching a conclusion.”

That provision is especially telling; it essentially says of the president doesn’t want any part of this witch hunt, that alone can be used to determine he’s mentally unstable.

What’s ironic is that the Dem-led effort to prove Trump is mentally unfit is being driven by a truly unhinged and irrational hatred of the president.

But for the purposes of discussion, there are several things that need to happen before Trump is driven from office in this manner:

— Vice President Pence and a majority of Trump’s Cabinet would have to be on board (not likely)

— Raskin’s effort centers around a piece of legislation, which a) GOP leaders would have to agree to send to their respective chambers for a vote; and b) Trump would have to sign (even less likely)

— One look at Raskin and you begin to wonder just who really is the crazy one.

As the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative begins to collapse and there is little likelihood of finding any evidence that Team Trump did anything nefarious with Moscow, the attempt to “prove” Trump is mentally unstable is the latest attempt by a deranged political party and its propaganda media wing to dispose of a duly-elected president whose only “fault” is that he isn’t taking the abuse they heap on him daily lying down.

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