(National Sentinel) Immigration reform: For eight years, President Obama and his administration essentially behaved as if illegal immigrants were the victims – of hate, of intimidation, of bigotry. Never did the Obama White House give credence to the reality that, oftentimes, illegal aliens created victims.

American victims.

Even when San Franciscan Kate Steinle was killed by gunfire from an illegal immigration who was a seven-time felon, had been deported several times and even set free by the local sheriff, under a stupid (and blatantly unconstitutional) ‘sanctuary city’ policy.

But times have changed, and so has federal policy, under President Donald J. Trump. And yesterday, rather than praise those who break into our country and harm our citizens like Obama did, he gave voice to Americans who have been victimized by illegal alien criminals.

As reported by Lifezette:

Trump gathered families of victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens at a gripping rally held at the White House on Wednesday afternoon, to highlight two bills that face a final vote in the House of Representatives before moving on to the Senate.

The House will vote Thursday on the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act and Kate’s Law, two bills that would crack down on sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, and toughen penalties against criminal aliens.

Inside the White House on Wednesday, Trump brought a number of families into the Cabinet Room to briefly discuss their experiences of losing a loved one at the hands of illegal immigrants, many of whom should have been deported and were simply set free by U.S. authorities.

The victim families in attendance shared their horrible experiences, telling of learning that their loved ones had been shot by gang members, killed by a drunk driver, and even set on fire.

Some also talked about how the perpetrators of crimes against their loved ones had been arrested and convicted, but then given early releases.

“We’ve lost everything. He was my only child,” said Julie Golvach of Texas, whose son, Spencer, was shot by an illegal alien, Victor Reyes, in January 2015. Reyes had been removed from the United States four times between 2003 and 2010, according to the Texas Tribune, and was known for a history of violence.

“I want some action. If this had been done years ago, my son would still be here,” she said, her voice cracking, Lifezette reported.

As usual, Democratic Party leaders said their rank-and-file won’t be supporting the sanctuary cities legislation, because that would likely cut into their voting base. And you know, to Democrats, power means everything, even if some Americans have to be killed or injured to ensure Democratic victory.

Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland told reporters that he would urge his party to “carefully” look at Kate’s Law and decide for themselves if they want to support at least that legislation. But look, that’s just political cover; we predict here and now that the vast majority of Democrats will also oppose that sensible and necessary legislation as well – which is really a head-scratcher, considering that it’s most Democrat-run cities who provide sanctuary for the very illegal aliens killing and maiming their constituents.

In any event, Trump’s convening of Americans harmed by illegal immigrants was more than just show or gesture; he campaigned on securing America’s borders, pushing back against sanctuary cities and punishing immigration lawbreaking. And frankly, his meet-and-greet yesterday was more designed at putting pressure on Congress members to get off their collective duffs and do the right thing for a change by voting to protect Americans first.

We’ll see how it turns out. Meantime, kudos to the president for giving Americans a bigger voice in the immigration reform debate than people who are in our country illegally.

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