(National Sentinel) Media: The folks at Project Veritas have struck again, this time hitting CNN and getting a producer there to admit that the network’s ‘Trump is Russia, Russia is Trump’ stories are mostly “bullshit.”

John Bonifield, a producer at the network, which is producing something like 95 percent Trump-hate pieces 24/7, admits on hidden camera  CNN has not one shred of proof to back up all of its innuendo and allegations surrounding the manufactured narrative that President Donald J. Trump “colluded” with “The Russians” to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton.

“I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” Bonifield says. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof.”

Still, the networks’ rating are good right now - because it is peddling Trump hate.

“It’s a business, people are like the media has an ethical phssssss… All the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business,” Bonifield says, which is a bald-faced admission that the network distinctly lacks ethics in its coverage.

The producer also notes that the network’s Trump hate coverage comes straight from the top:

Just to give you some context, President Trump pulled out of the climate accords and for a day and a half we covered the climate accords. And the CEO of CNN (Jeff Zucker) said in our internal meeting, he said good job everybody covering the climate accords, but we’re done with that, let’s get back to Russia.

He also pontificated further on the Trump-Russia BS, noting, “I haven’t seen any good enough evidence to show that the President committed a crime. I just feel like they don’t really have it but they want to keep digging. And so I think the President is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me. You have no smoking gun, you have no real proof.”

Says James O’Keefe, head of Project Veritas, “To report not on facts, but instead on narratives that yield high ratings, is exactly the definition of fake news. We said we are going after the media, and there is a lot more to come.”

Indeed he did. In January, he told an audience at the Deploraball, an event held in support of President Donald J. Trump on the evening of his Jan. 20 inauguration.

“Everyone’s saying, who are you going after next?” O’Keefe said. “I’m going to tell you. I’ll make it public. I’m going after the media next.”

“We have your name. We have your number. We are embedded in your institutions. We are inside the newsrooms, and that is going to be our next target.”

As for CNN, this tell-tale admission comes after a miserable week in which the network was forced to retract one of its Trump-related stories, falsely claiming that a former campaign official, Anthony Scaramuci, a member of the transition team’s executive committee, as well as as fundraiser and adviser for the president’s campaign, was under congressional investigation.

The CNN.com article said that Scaramucci, back in January, held a secret meeting with an official from the Russian fund. According to an unnamed source, Scaramucci discussed the possibility of lifting U.S. sanctions at the meeting.

He did not. It was garbage.

The network took the story down, replacing it with this editor’s message:

“On June 22, 2017, CNN.com published a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund,” the editor’s note said.

“That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.”

Since then three CNN employees tied to the story have since resigned, per Fox News:

Lex Harris, executive editor of CNN’s investigative unit, was the highest-ranking official to resign. Thomas Frank, who wrote the story, and Eric Lichtblau, who edited it, also turned in their resignations. Lichtblau is a highly regarded reporter who spent nearly a decade and a half at the New York Times.

Here’s the Project Veritas exchange with Bonifield:

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