(National Sentinel) Political espionage: President Donald J. Trump continued over the weekend to push back against the Deep State’s attempts to dislodge him from the Oval Office using the bogus “Russia collusion” narrative, blaming his predecessor for being aware of the Kremlin’s hacking attempts but doing nothing much about it.

“I just heard today for the first time that Obama knew about Russia a long time before the election, and he did nothing about it,” Trump said in an interview with Fox and Friends on Sunday, as reported by Breitbart News.

The president was making reference to a report that said the CIA gave Obama information about Russian attempts to influence the U.S. election, but then proceeded to quote former administration officials who complained that the Obama White House failed to properly respond.

“The question is if he had the information, why didn’t he do something about it?” Trump asked, adding that it was “sad” that the news media didn’t focus on Obama’s failure.

The topic continued to be on the president’s mind over the weekend as he sent messages to his followers on Twitter.

“Obama Administration official said they ‘choked’ when it came to acting on Russian meddling of election,” he wrote. “They didn’t want to hurt Hillary?”

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