(National Sentinel) National Security: The spate of highly classified intelligence leaks aimed at disrupting and harming President Donald J. Trump are actually harming current and ongoing U.S. intelligence operations, putting the country and all 310 million Americans (regardless of who they voted for or supported) at risk.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, multiple conversations with senior U.S. officials reveal that the leaks are endangering both intelligence and military operations, and that officials inside and outside the White House are increasingly angry about them:

The classified leaks, which are being handed to sympathetic journalists by former Obama administration officials who left the government and by holdovers still serving in the Trump administration, have damaged a number of ongoing operations, ranging from American efforts to prevent Russian infiltration of the United States to Israeli efforts against ISIS, sources said.

A recent Washington Post story disclosed classified secrets as part of a larger story about Obama administration cyber efforts against Russia. It was published days after a New York Times story, which revealed details of a secret Israeli cyber operation that Trump is said to have leaked to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The sensitivity of the material being leaked has heightened criticism both of the former Obama officials who are suspected of unveiling these secrets and of the Trump administration for its seeming inability to stem the disclosures, according to these officials.

What’s more, The WFB reported, the leaks are so angering to multiple current officials they have begun naming the Obama-era officials they think are behind many of the unauthorized – and highly illegal – disclosures, which the Trump White House believes is being done specifically to harm the Trump and his administration, as well as rewriting the abysmal foreign policy record of Obama.

“They [former Obama officials] offer ridiculous explanations about why Obama couldn’t act more forcefully, and then they apparently leak even more information about certain U.S. measures they claim have been taken against Russia,” said one senior U.S. official close to the situation told the news site. “The publication of this information, if it’s true, could do some damage to our national security, but the sources don’t seem to mind doing that if it helps advance their political narrative.”

The sources leaking this information appear to be the same former Obama administration allies and holdovers behind a months-long series of damaging leaks.

“The sources for this [Post] article are obviously the same Obama holdovers who constantly leak classified information to the Washington Post,” said the source, who would only discuss the matter under condition of anonymity. “They went back to the those same reporters and tried to rewrite history so it doesn’t look like Obama was weak on Russia, which of course he was.”

A read of the Post story reveals that there were multiple leaks of highly classified information – if, in fact, the premise of the story – that Obama knew Russia was trying to hack the U.S. election and was mulling over several responses, including targeted cyber-attacks against Russia – is even true.

And again, some of the current officials are so angry they’ve begun naming names:

The leaks have been traced to a number of former Obama administration officials, including Ben Rhodes—the former National Security Council official responsible for creating an in-house ‘echo chamber’ meant to mislead reporters and the public about the landmark nuclear deal with Iran—and Colin Kahl, former Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser.

Another source, this one a senior administration official who is also intimately familiar with the situation, confirmed the assessment to the Washington Free Beacon.

“Those responsible for the disastrous foreign national security policy of the Obama administration for the last years—Ben Rhodes, Colin Kahl—they provide the marching orders to a broader group of people that are associated with the broader [Democratic Party] Podesta-Clinton network, and now they’re trying to rewrite history at the cost of American national security,” the official said.

“For the last eight years, the priority was always the narrative … It was never the American interests, it was the interests of the Democratic Party and the Obama-Podesta-Clinton conglomerate,” explained the source.

Leaks have only intensified in recent weeks after multiple ‘witnesses’ appeared before congressional committees, only to deny Democratic charges that evidence of Trump-Russia “collusion” existed – it doesn’t (because it didn’t happen). Figuring if they couldn’t get confirmation in official testimony, the Obamaites apparently decided to ramp up the Trump collusion propaganda instead, even if it meant compromising the men and women in harm’s way around the world working in and out of uniform to protect our country.

“This is yet another example of politics trumping national security and the question is at what point are those who disagree with the results of the November 8 election going to stop endangering U.S. national security for their own political agenda,” the official said.

We don’t have a problem stating the obvious at this point: If true, these leakers are traitors to America, their actions are acts of treason. And they should be arrested, tried and punished.

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