(National Sentinel) Corruption: Many legal experts spoke highly of Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch during her days as s federal prosecutor in New York. But like so many other people, once she became associated with one of the most corrupt, politically motivated regimes in American history, her reputation suffered mightily.

And now, she’s the subject of a new probe by the Senate Judiciary Committee which is examining her role in helping to cover up, smooth over, de-escalate or whatever else she may have done to soften the blow of the FBI’s investigation into then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s criminal use of a private email server to handle classified materials during last year’s election cycle.

As reported by The Washington Times:

In a letter to Ms. Lynch, the committee asks her to detail the depths of her involvement in the FBI’s investigation, including whether she ever assured Clinton confidantes that the probe wouldn’t “push too deeply into the matter.”

Fired FBI Director James B. Comey has said publicly that Ms. Lynch tried to shape the way he talked about the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails, and he also hinted at other behavior “which I cannot talk about yet” that made him worried about Ms. Lynch’s ability to make impartial decisions.

Mr. Comey said that was one reason why he took it upon himself to buck Justice Department tradition and reveal his findings about Mrs. Clinton last year.

The probe into Ms. Lynch comes as the Judiciary Committee is already looking at President Trump’s firing of Mr. Comey.


At a Senate hearing earlier this month, Mr. Comey told lawmakers that Ms. Lynch had attempted to change the way the FBI described its probe of Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server. The change appeared to dovetail with how Mrs. Clinton’s supporters were characterizing the probe.

“At one point, [Ms. Lynch] directed me not to call it an ‘investigation’ but instead to call it a ‘matter,’ which confused me and concerned me,” Mr. Comey said during his June 8 testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. “That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the department if we are to close this case credibly.”

It’s not certain at all that this probe will produce evidence of criminal behavior or even if there was evidence of it. But it will be interesting to know more of the details surrounding the Obama administration’s attempts to run interference for the heir apparent, Clinton, because they may have some political impact on the various investigations now taking place into congressional (and independent) investigations into alleged “obstruction of justice” charges against President Donald J. Trump (which are bogus anyway, but…).

For all the world, Comey described Lynch’s actions as interference, if not outright obstruction, though you’ll notice the dishonest “mainstream media” isn’t about to make that distinction because, well, Lynch and Obama and Clinton are Democrats, and the MSM is the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

The committee’s investigation could also eventually shed more light on the Obama White House’s operations regarding the intentional spreading of sensitive intelligence aimed at undermining Trump and his inner circle. We won’t know until all is said and done.

But it is about time that the GOP Congress made serious attempts to hold Obama and Democrats accountable for their actions, because you know if the majorities were reversed it would be non-stop political warfare against Republicans and Trump.

Some things that took place last year with Lynch - her instructions to Comey, her improper meeting on an Arizona airport tarmac with former President Bill Clinton at the height of the FBI’s investigation, etc. - may have been more than just suspicious.

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