(National Sentinel) Espionage: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is said to be so paranoid of assassination he often travels around his country incognito.

As Fox News reported, Kim lives in great fear of being assassinated by “decapitation,” similar to the manner in which ISIS often chooses to kill prisoners and political opponents, according to a key South Korean lawmaker.

The Korea Herald noted further that Rep. Lee Cheol-woo, chairman of the South Korean parliament’s intelligence committee, made the claim based on reports from South Korea’s intelligence agency.

He said that Kim was “extremely nervous” about a plot to take him out, and he’s got good reason to fear as much.

“Kim is engrossed with collecting information about the ‘decapitation operation’ through his intelligence agencies,” Lee said following a briefing last week.

Fox News reported further:

The rumored “decapitation plan” to target Kim and key deputies in the event fighting broke out on the peninsula first surfaced in late 2015, when the U.S. and South Korea signed “Operation Plan 5015,” a joint strategy for possible war scenarios with North Korea. According to the Brookings Institute, the plan “envisions limited warfare with an emphasis on preemptive strikes on strategic targets in North Korea and “decapitation raids” to exterminate North Korean leaders.”

Something about the term “decapitation” seems to have gotten the attention of the gout-addled, unpredictable and violent dictator. According to Lee, Kim is so frightened that he now disguises his movements, travels primarily at dawn and in the cars of his henchmen. Public appearances and jaunts in his prized Mercedes Benz 600 have been curtailed.

Earlier this year, reports claimed that South Korea was speeding up the development of a specialized unit that would be deployed to carry out the decapitation operation, perhaps by as early as 2019. At this year’s annual U.S.-South Korea military exercises, U.S. Navy SEALs were reported to have participated in training for the operation for the first time:

Naval officials denied reports that members of SEAL Team 6, the group that took out Usama Bin Laden, took part.

Shortly after those war games, however, the USS Michigan, a submarine that is sometimes used to move U.S. Special Forces, took a position just off of North Korea’s coast.

There is also this: The Trump administration has not taken ‘regime change’ off its list of options in dealing with North Korea, should it get too close to developing the means to deliver a nuclear weapon via ICBM capable of striking American soil.

“A U.S. special operations strike against Kim Jong Un in today’s conditions would make the bin Laden raid look easy,” said Mark Sauter, a former U.S. Army and special forces officer who operated in the Korean de-militarized zone during the Cold War and now blogs about the decades-long effort to defend South Korea at www.dmzwar.com.

He also noted that Kim “does need to worry about strikes by precision-guided missiles and bunker-buster bombs in the early stages of a preemptive allied attack, and if a conflict continues, everything from (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to special operators will be on his tracks.”


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