Gingrich: ‘Mueller should recuse himself’ from ANYTHING having to do with Trump and Comey

(National SentinelWitch hunt: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, an unofficial advisor to President Donald J. Trump, told Fox News‘ Judge Janine Pirro that special counsel Robert Mueller ought to “recuse” himself from any portion of his investigation that has anything at all to do with the president and fired FBI Director James Comey, because of their longstanding close relationship.

“You know, if [Trump]’s not under investigation, why can’t [Rod] Rosenstein say it? Here we are back to where Comey was,” Gingrich said. “Apparently, over and over again Trump is told privately you are not under investigation but nobody will officially admit it.”

And because of that, Gingrich noted, the disgustingly dishonest “mainstream” media can continue “smearing” Trump with innuendo and false allegations.

Just last week the Washington Post published claims from an “anonymous source” that Trump was now the focus of an obstruction of justice probe by Mueller, only to have Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein later caution Americans against believing the contents of the report. But no matter: The allegation was put out there by the Deep State and dutifully ‘reported’ by the WaPo.

Why, though? Why is all of this going on, Pirro asked?

“Because they hate Trump,” Gingrich answered. “Look, this is not a complicated story. On election night around 8 o’clock, everyone on the Left thought they were going to elect Hillary and finish off the job that Obama started. They were going to use the power of government to finish radicalizing America. They were all happy.”

Then Trump had the bad taste to actually win. And, Gingrich said, Trump “represents the end of their world.”

Gingrich also reminded viewers that 97 percent of employees at the Justice Department who donated to political campaigns donated to Hillary Clinton. “Guess what that culture’s like?”

Pirro went on to ask the obvious: How can Mueller fairly investigate Trump and Comey, given that both are former FBI directors who have been very close friends for decades - and this after Comey admitted leaking the contents of a memo specifically to trigger the appointment of a special counsel.

“To the degree that Comey’s involved, Mueller, in theory, should recuse himself,” he argued. “The rules of justice are very simple. You cannot be investigating somebody you are a personal friend of. And that’s why this whole thing is so absurd… This whole thing is sick and we ought to understand how sick it is. If you look at who Mueller is hiring, it gets even sicker,” Gingrich argued.


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