(National Sentinel) Culture wars: We have believed for some time that supporters of President Donald J. Trump were eventually going to be pushed to the limit of their tolerance by the violent Alt-Left fanatics, and that day appears to have finally come.

Organic-Storable-Food-Supply-MRIn a turnabout, pro-Trump protestors stormed the stage at the “Shakespeare in the Park” production Julius Caesar, in which the actors “assassinate” a President Donald J. Trump look-alike in the “Roman” senate, in a modern-day rendition of the classic.

As reported by Gateway Pundit:

The New York Times and CNN’s parent company Time Warner are standing by their sponsorship of a play that depicts the brutal assassination of President Donald Trump, raising the question of whether the news reporting outlets should retain their credentials to cover and have access to President Trump. Delta Airlines and Bank of America have reportedly dropped their support for the play in the wake of public outrage over the play’s depiction of Trump’s assassination.

Tonight the performance did not go as planned.

Mike Cernovich posted video from inside the venue.


Laura Loomer from Rebel Media attended the performance and ruined the liberal fun.
Laura rushed the stage and started screaming “Stop Leftist Violence!!”
This went on for over half a minute.

Naturally she was booed by the Leftists in the crowd who were there for their fix of assassination porn.

But Loomer wasn’t alone. Jack Posobiec then interrupted, screaming, “Goebbels would be proud!! You’re a Nazi crowd!”


Both protestors are exactly right: It’s the hard Left in America who are the fascist Nazis, deploying their legions as latter-day Brown Shirts on college campuses and in the streets of U.S. cities to beat down and intimidate supporters of Republicans and the president.

This pro-Trump ‘resistance’ will only grow.


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