(National Sentinel) Presidential politics: To hear some Democrats tell it, they’ve already won back control of the House and President Donald J. Trump’s presidency will soon end in impeachment; the 2018 elections are just a formality.

Organic-Storable-Food-Supply-MROnly…not so much.

The Alt-Left’s incessant and outrageous attacks on the president appear to be backfiring; the latest approval rating survey has the president at the halfway mark: 50 percent, according to Friday’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll from Rasmussen Reports, one of two polling firms that correctly predicted Trump’s November election victory.

The president’s approval numbers are moving back up after they fell to a low of 42 percent in April. He took office in January with a high of 59 percent.

Trump celebrated the new milestone on Twitter:

Seems Americans are getting behind the president as he is mercilessly – and dishonestly – attacked by the disgusting media and political establishment. So by all means, Democrats, keep the hate machine cranked up.


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