(National Sentinel) Culture of legal liabilities: So, we’ve been lectured by the progressive Left for years now that there is a “culture of rape” on all college campuses, and that male students get by with abusing female students left and right because, hey, they’re male and we live in this misogynistic society where women are second class citizens who don’t make the same money men do and…yada, yada, yada.

Well, maybe not, after all. At least, if a story published Friday in the North Carolina Charlotte Observer is any indication.

Seems that a rising number of male students are not only claiming they’ve been falsely accused of rape and sexual assault by female students, they are suing both their female accusers and the colleges they attend for jumping to conclusions and not adequately investigating charges:

In the past three years, male students accused of sexual misconduct have filed hundreds of lawsuits, charging that they were the victims of both false allegations and school procedures that failed to properly vet the claims.

And while there are no exact figures, in dozens of those cases male students also have sued the women who lodged the original allegations. One out-of-state attorney says he has filed more than 15 defamation complaints nationwide on behalf of male students against their accusers.

Locally, lawyers used the threat of defamation complaints against female accusers in sexual-misconduct cases at both Davidson College and UNC Charlotte. Meanwhile, an Appalachian State University student has pending lawsuits against the school and his former Union County girlfriend after he was suspended in 2015 for “unlawful entry” into her dorm room.

Critics of these lawsuits say they can place assault victims on trial, further suppressing an already under-reported crime.

“When a woman tells you she’s been assaulted, believe her,” Davidson College President Carol Quillen wrote in an Observer guest editorial earlier this year. “Although the unicorn exception gets a lot of press, the overwhelming majority of women do not make up rape.”

However, Charlotte attorney John Gresham, who is representing the suspended App State student, says he sued the school and his client’s accuser only after his investigation showed that the allegations were false and that the university blatantly mishandled the case.

“In all of these matters, there are the futures of two students at stake,” says Gresham.

That’s exactly right. And while he says he and others in the legal profession most definitely take sexual assault allegations seriously and that schools have an obligation to protect students, more and more often it is being learned that charges against male students are simply leveled, without any serious investigation or questioning of the accuser.

As such, “there are also cases where male students have been severely damaged, assessed large legal fees, and may have had their careers ruined without having the ability to present evidence that showed they had not engaged in misconduct,” Gresham noted.

Then again, the jump-to-conclusions approach by schools can be squarely blamed on the hyper-politicized Obama administration, the paper noted:

Much of the debate focuses on changes colleges began making five years ago in response to accusations by the federal government that they were not doing enough to address campus assaults. The directives also carried the threat that the government would withhold millions of dollars from colleges that did not comply.

While the new protocols make it easier for women to report sexual offenses, critics say the procedures often omit necessary protections for male students facing expulsion, lessened job prospects and other consequences from having the accusations on their records.

Is there anything liberals touch that they don’t distort, lie about, ruin, destroy or otherwise tear down?

The lie about the campus rape culture was started by the Left and perpetuated by President Obama and his goofball number two, “creepy Uncle Joe” Biden.

Now, as we are beginning to see, this lie, too, is falling apart.


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