(National Sentinel) Senate circus: Well, former FBI Director James Comey’s much ballyhooed public testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee is now concluded and we must admit, we were wrong: There were a few bombshells dropped.

Just nothing like we anticipated.

For instance, Comey implicated both himself and his former boss, Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in criminal activities:

chief-organics-msm— Comey ADMITTED that he helped leak the contents of his own memo to the press, and this is a BOMBSHELL that the establishment press completely ignored. If Trump knew this, it alone was grounds to fire him.

— Fox Business Network’s Lou Hobbs noted Comey was a “weak and ineffective person” to lead the FBI, “and a leaker as well.”

— Talk radio host Buck Sexton tweeted, “Comey leaked memos he created as FBI director and then shared them with the media before Congress for political impact. Let that sink in.”

— Conservative pundit Mary Katharine Ham noted that everyone “has seen” the bogus ‘Trump dossier’ that make all sorts wild, unsubstantiated allegations about the president during trips to Russia, but “no one has seen the memos” he wrote. “We’re all taking about the memos but we can’t talk about the dossier.”

— Noted (Left-wing) constitutional attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz tweeted out that “senators should ask Comey the name of the Columbia (University) professor” whom he gave his memos to in order to leak them to the media and “subpoena…him.”

As for Lynch:

— IMPORTANT: Comey testified that he saw “no indication” that any votes were altered during the 2016 election (meaning Hillary wasn’t cheated). Also, regarding the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton email scandal, he also said Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, ordered him to downplay the probe — isn’t that obstruction of justice? And what role did the president play in that order?

Lynch: “Yes, but don’t call it an investigation, call it a ‘matter.’”

Comey: “Why would I do that?”

Lynch: “Just call it a matter.”

So, Comey was in charge of the Federal Bureau of Matters?

It will be interesting to see if these legitimate, but unexpected, bombshells get any play in the disgusting mainstream media and on Capitol Hill (or Trump’s Justice Department).

Oh, and we also learned from Comey that the media’s reporting on all this “Trump-Russia collusion” has been wrong, that he had seen NO evidence Russian tampering changed the election outcome in any way, and that he did tell Trump multiple times he wasn’t under investigation.


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