(National Sentinel) Fake News: As part of the new alternative media movement working diligently to uncover and sweep away the phony, ideologically compromised corporate establishment media, we bring you the latest: Both CNN and The Associated Press appear to have staged an anti-ISIS Muslim protest.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, CNN featured a small group of Muslims holding signs a day after the latest terrorist attack in London over the weekend, some of which said, “ISIS will lose.”

Screen shot

But wait - the AP used the same group of Muslims for its report:


Notice the man in the middle; he’s wearing a green scarf (he’s in both pictures). Also, the young man on the far right, with the green T-shirt, is also in both pictures.

And here’s a video, posted by Mary Antro on Twitter, showing the CNN crew staging the protest:


He also noted that the BBC didn’t get in on the staged protest:


And in more fakery, white police officers were replaced by Asian-looking cops:


Katie Hopkins, an English journalist and columnist, also spotted the fakery and let her followers know:



This is what the “mainstream” media does; they stage events to support a pre-determined political narrative, rather than simply reporting on what is. In this case, it’s the well-worn, “See?? See?? Most Muslims are GOOD, not BAD!” This, mind you, right after Islamic extremists killed and maimed more British citizens for the third time in less than a year.

The mainstream media’s attempt to paint anyone other than themselves as “fake news” is just an attempt to hide their own chicanery. Turn them off and tune them out; they’re lying to you daily.



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