(National Sentinel) Executive Branch: Far-Left Democrats and so-called “environmentalists” who still believe the global warming hoax are furious at President Donald J. Trump for keeping his campaign pledge to withdraw the United States from the “non-binding” Paris Climate Accords signed onto by the Obama administration.

But perhaps after they calm down and allow their blood pressure to return to normal, they can take a rational, reasoned look at why the president made his decision; if they afford him that courtesy, there is no way than can conclude that his decision was wrong.

In making the announcement from the White House Rose Garden Friday afternoon, Trump stated that he felt obligated to withdraw from the agreement — which should have been sent to the U.S. Senate by Obama to be ratified as a treaty, because that’s what it was, in both style and substance — because it is “a bad deal” for American workers, taxpayers and companies.

Trump also knocked the cost of the agreement — which will rise to some $450 billion a year, much of which would have to come from the U.S. — while major polluters who are also signatories to the deal do not have to comply with the accords’ emissions limitations for more than a decade. Meanwhile, the U.S. has to become complying immediately.

The president also lashed out at his critics who said pulling out of the deal would be a disaster for the country, noting that remaining in the agreement would cost American families and businesses billions per year. Also, he said, the agreement prohibited the U.S. from “conducting its own domestic economic affairs” by preventing development of our own natural resources, like clean coal and natural gas, both of which create far less emissions than other forms of energy.

“I was elected to represent the people of Pittsburg, not Paris,” Trump said. “It’s time to pursue a new deal that protects” the environment, as well as the American people.

Thank you, Mr. President, for keeping your pledge.


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