(National Sentinel) Politics: The Obamas continue their “firsts,” even after leaving the White House in what was unquestionably a historic, if not corrupt, “first” as president and first lady.

When we reported months ago that the Obama’s wanted to stay in Washington, D.C., just long enough for their youngest daughter to finish high school - unlike virtually every other former first couple who flew the D.C. coup as fast as they could when their terms were over - we also noted that Obama’s motives for staying weren’t wholly family-oriented: He wants to stick around to protect his “legacy,” which consists of breaking the healthcare industry, politicizing the intelligence community, and presiding over one of the most corrupt regimes in U.S. history.

As The Wall Street Journal noted in January:

Why did President Obama deliver his farewell address in Chicago? Maybe because he has no plans to leave Washington. He’ll stick around at least until his younger daughter, 15-year-old Sasha, finishes high school in 2½ years. He’s leasing an 8,200-square-foot, eight-bedroom gray stone mansion in the posh Kalorama neighborhood, about 2 miles from the White House. …

If Mr. Obama is not at peace, his worries are well-founded. The achievement he considers most important, ObamaCare, is likely to be dismantled by a Republican-led Congress that never voted for it and has no stake in it, with the consent of a new president who has already signaled he’ll make some changes right away through executive action.

Mr. Obama also fears his aggressive climate-change policies are in danger. His education reforms, trade and defense policies, nuclear pact with Iran, and management of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria—or lack thereof—are all about to face severe scrutiny and serious revision.

Most of that has turned out to be true, which is why the Obamas are now buying the D.C. mansion they were renting:

So while the explanation for his staying in Washington is Sasha’s schooling, the real reason is probably to fight for the preservation of his legacy. And there is no more effective way of doing so than to remain on the battlefield and position himself not only as the de facto head of the Democratic Party, but also the main media voice of opposition to the policies of Mr. Trump. 

Indeed. There is no other rational explanation for his remaining “on the front lines” in D.C., especially since the Democratic Party really has no national face or unifying figure.

Plus, there’s always that outside chance Michelle O. may take the presidential plunge. We know, she’s ruled that out. But when have you know the Obamas to be truthful?

This could just be a huge case of narcissism. Obama may very well remain popular within Democratic and far-Left circles, but during his tenure his party took a beating in states and on the federal level, losing more than 1,000 seats nationwide. So his continued presence in D.C., in a self-absorbed attempt to perpetuate his own importance, could very well backfire - on him and his party.



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