(National Sentinel) Globalism: We already know that President Donald J. Trump’s message of “America first” has rattled the world’s globalist elite, as past American leaders have allowed them to feed off our success and drain jobs, opportunities and treasure from our country while they distribute that wealth to other countries, so they can control them. Globalism today really is nothing less that colonialism from past centuries, only writ large and done with dollars, not military divisions.

In any event, Trump’s nose-thumbing of the G7 leaders’ agenda and his [reported] plan to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords may be a bridge too far for the world’s elite, many of whom are meeting in Chantilly, Va., this week – an event to which Trump did send representation.

As reported by The Guardian, the secretive Bilderberg annual gathering of the world’s governing and industrial elite “will include a ‘progress report’ on the Trump administration,” and no one is sure if he’ll get a passing grade.

So, perhaps, Plan B is taking shape.

As reported “exclusively” by InfoWars (yes, we know, but read on anyway), that plan may consist of “overthrowing” Trump in an extreme, last-use tactic to thwart his agenda, if talking to him and convincing him to abandon it (which he can’t do because he’ll lose reelection) doesn’t work:

Sources close to the elitist Bilderberg Group conference tell Infowars that globalists see their agenda as being in “deep trouble” and that Donald Trump poses a “dangerous” risk to the international order and must be brought to heel or turfed out of office.

Over the years, Infowars has developed sources close to the conference who feed us information ahead of time as to the real agenda behind the confab, not just the vague list of topics released officially by Bilderberg.

Given that this is the first year since both Brexit and Trump came to pass, the effort to derail both is very much the primary focus of discussion amongst globalists in attendance this week.

One Bilderberger told the site that since Trump is “dangerously obsessed” with upsetting and derailing the current world order, it may just be that there is no other way for the globalist cabal to protect its interests than deposing, or helping to depose, a U.S. president who, for the first time in decades, isn’t dancing to the same sheet of music.


Globalists are baffled as to Trump’s “erratic” style of governance and are panicked that he could undo decades of work they put in to build the new world order.

However, Bilderbergers still think Trump can be brought to his senses and taught “how the world really works,” a line that is typical of the arrogance that has come to epitomize the attitude of Bilderberg members over the years.

Given the highly unlikely scenario of Trump taking orders from Bilderberg, the only recourse left for the elite will be to turf him out of office.

Another Bilderberger is confident that Trump can be impeached, but only if Democrats regain control of Congress in 2018, in which case his days are “numbered”.

If the impeachment of Trump is in process by the end of 2018, globalists are confident that any effort on behalf of his administration to pull out of the Paris climate agreement and any other globalist treaties will be thwarted.

As of this writing Trump has yet to formally announce he will withdraw the U.S. from the  Paris accords (or declare it a treaty and send it to the Senate, where it won’t be ratified). But clearly there is the feeling among the globalist elite that Trump is a fly in their ointment, and they’re not going to let him spoil their party.



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