(National Sentinel) Media: At some point, you have to wonder when the Washington Post‘s reporters and editors are going to get tired of being used as patsies by the anti-Trump Deep State.

To kick off Memorial Day weekend, the Post published yet another one of those breathless “bombshells” alleging that the administration of President Donald J. Trump was again “caught” doing something improper with “The Russians.”

As we reported:

Just this past weekend the Washington Post published a highly suspect “story” about how President Donald J. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, tried to set up some secretive “back-door” communications channel with Moscow a) as if that’s in and of itself a criminal act (it isn’t) and b) to support the mainstream press’ ongoing unsubstantiated narrative that “Russia stole the election to help Trump” after they “colluded” — or some such nonsense.

Even Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., not exactly a pro-Trump sycophant, didn’t buy in.

“I don’t trust this story as far as I can throw it,” Graham said Sunday.

Breitbart News added:

Asked about the “bombshell” report, and the claims by former CIA agent and former presidential candidate Evan McMullin that Kushner’s activities amount to “treason,” Graham was dismissive.

“We’re chasing our tails, as a nation, when it comes to the Russians. I don’t know who leaked this supposed conversation. But just think about it this way. You’ve got the ambassador to Russia reporting back, on an open channel, ‘Hey, Jared Kushner’s gonna move into the embassy.’ …

“I think it makes no sense that the Russian ambassador would report back to Moscow on a channel that he most likely knows we’re monitoring. The whole story line is suspicious. I’ve never been more concerned and suspicious about all thing Russia than I am right now. So I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that Mr. McMullin jumped to.”

[It should be noted that on the subject of “treason,” the idiot McMullin has previously said that intelligence officials should leak information to the media because he considers President Trump a threat to the nation.]

Turns out Graham’s instincts (or first-hand knowledge?) were correct: WaPo did another major “fake news” roll-out.

A source told Fox News that Kushner never requested a secret, long-term backdoor communications route with Russia. In fact, it was Russia who suggested it, and it was just a one-time offer to discuss Syria:

A December meeting between Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and one of the senior advisers in the Trump administration, and Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak at Trump Tower focused on Syria, a source familiar with the matter told Fox News Monday.

During the meeting the Russians broached the idea of using a secure line between the Trump administration and Russia, not Kushner, a source familiar with the matter told Fox News. That follows a recent report from The Washington Post alleging that Kushner wanted to develop a secure, private line with Russia.

The idea of a permanent back channel was never discussed, according to the source. Instead, only a one-off for a call about Syria was raised in the conversation.

Again, we ask, how much longer is The Washington Post going to allow its staff and reporters to play chumps for the Deep State? It’s not as if more Americans are beginning to trust the “mainstream” media or anything, after all.


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