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Report: Trump says he will take U.S. OUT of Paris accords, keeping campaign pledge

(National SentinelPolicy: President Donald J. Trump intends to keep a major campaign pledge and extricate the United States from the Paris climate accords unconstitutionally agreed to by his predecessor, President Obama, according to a published report Sunday.

Axios, citing three sources, said Trump had told confidants that he planned to take the U.S. out of the accord, which should have been submitted for ratification to the U.S. Senate in the first place, since by its very definition it is a treaty not an “executive agreement,” as Obama tried to imply.

Publicly, the White House is noncommittal, referring to a tweet the president sent out over the weekend, claiming he will make his decision this week:

Axios noted further:

Pulling out of Paris is the biggest thing Trump could to do unravel Obama’s climate policies. It also sends a stark and combative signal to the rest of the world that working with other nations on climate change isn’t a priority to the Trump administration. And pulling out threatens to unravel the ambition of the entire deal, given how integral former President Obama was in making it come together in the first place.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are liberal when it comes to the environment and are said to be in favor of the agreement. Also, Trump sometimes abruptly changes his mind, so until the actual announcement is made, we won’t know for sure. But it certainly sounds as if he intends to keep his campaign pledge, and we’d bet that he will, given the “America first” strategy underlying everything else he is attempting to accomplish, policy-wise.

Trump also plans to run again in 2020, and pulling out of this bogus “agreement” - which of course is nothing more than another major transfer of wealth from the U.S. and other wealthy nations to poorer ones - will go along way towards placating his core supporters.

To that end, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, according to Axios, has told senior staffers to slow down publicly endorsing the pull out, which Pruitt favors. Instead, the EPA plans to quietly plant op-eds, working with partners, favoring withdrawal from the accords. Also, the White House has told Pruitt to stop making TV appearances and stumping for the pull-out.

“It needs to be the President’s victory,” one source told Axios.

There are three ways that Trump could withdraw from the agreement, none of which will happen immediately, meaning the debate over the agreement will likely continue for some time:

— Declare it a treaty that must be ratified by the Senate; a vote now would fail.

— Trump could announce he is pulling the U.S. from the deal, which would trigger a withdrawal process that wouldn’t conclude until November 2020 at the earliest. Under its terms, the agreement must be in effect for three years before any nation could pull out; the deal went into effect Nov. 4, 2016. It takes a year to withdraw.

— The most extreme measure would be for Trump to “withdraw the U.S. from the treaty that underpins the Paris deal, which is called the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,” Axios reported. “This would be the most extreme option because it would take the U.S. out of all global climate diplomacy. This process would take just one year.”

The most likely option, sources told the news site, is for Trump to deem the accord (correctly) a treaty and let the Senate kill it.



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