(National Sentinel) Executive Branch: President Donald J. Trump is set to fire “multiple” members of his White House staff over serial leaking of classified information when he returns from his first overseas trip as leader of the United States, One America News Network reported Tuesday night.

Sources told the network that three people have been identified as having leaked sensitive information to the press, an issue that has been a major source of tension within the Trump White House, especially with the president himself.

One source who spoke with OANN said the the actions were “criminal” and that “people could go to jail.” The source also said the leaking was both “dangerous” and “terrible.”

One of the Trump administration’s biggest concerns, OANN reported, citing a number of sources, is a leak from last week involving terrorist organizations in the Middle East and, specifically, in Raqqa, Syria, regarding the development of computer laptop bombs that could be used on commercial airliners.

Earlier reports suggested that Trump himself disclosed “codeword information” to Russian diplomats during a meeting with them in the Oval Office earlier this month. Those reports followed an April 1 report by CNN regarding the laptop bomb threat.

OANN said the laptop information was leaked to the media - obviously, as CNN cited “intelligence sources” for its report - and that is highly disconcerting to the White House.

It wasn’t clear when the firings would occur, but OANN reported that the Office of Government Ethics has received info from the White House about the three staffers who have been ID’ed for the leaks. That will lead to a process the government ethics office must follow - likely an investigation - then, once complete, the findings are sent back to the White House, where Trump is then expected to make a decision about how to proceed.

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