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Is Fox News about to dump Sean Hannity for pursuing the Seth Rich/Kim Dotcom story?

(National SentinelMedia: Once the ratings king of prime-time cable news, Fox News has been shedding viewers - and ratings - since the sons of Rupert Murdoch began cleaning out the network’s long-time stable of talent, for various reasons, some of which allegedly had to do with sexual allegations against the man who built the network, the late Roger Ailes.

Greta van Sustren. Bill O’Reilly. Megan Kelly. And now, it seems, Sean Hannity.

As reported by Media Equalizer, Hannity may be the next victim at the network because he has been doggedly pursuing the Seth Rich/Kim Dotcom/DNC story we have also covered, because, well, it’s a story. Whether or not it turns out that the murdered Rich and Dotcom were in cahoots to leak damaging emails pertaining to high-ranking figures within the crooked Democratic National Committee (instead of “the Russians”), it’s still a story and should be pursued, in the public’s interest. A crime was committed; elements of the crime don’t add up; Dotcom has made public statements regarding his alleged involvement; in December, the UK’s Daily Mail also reported that the Russians were not responsible for hacking the DNC’s servers - that someone from the inside leaked the materials to WikiLeaks; and so on.

Fox News actually set off the latest bombshell revelations with a report it has now taken offline and retracted, apparently, though the initial report stated very clearly, based on sources, that Rich had sent thousands of emails to WikiLeaks, whose founder, Julian Assange, has also repeatedly stated Russia was NOT the source of the leaked emails that incriminated former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other ranking officials in colluding to deny Sen. Bernie Sanders the party’s nomination - chicanery that has sparked a class-action lawsuit by supporters of Sanders (which the “mainstream media” is flat-out refusing to report).

So clearly, Hannity - like the rest of us - is on to something. And now, it appears that the idiot Murdoch brothers who are running day-to-day operations at Fox News - and who have lost the network’s ratings machine to MSNBC and CNN, if you can believe that - are set to sabotage their father’s once-mega-money-generating network by slashing Hannity.

Media Equalizer notes:

After a two decade run, is the end of Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel program near?

Based on unusually strong hints from the host himself, the answer appears to be yes.

Under internal pressure over his pursuit of the truth behind the Seth Rich story, network suits are apparently closing in on one of the network’s remaining conservative holdouts.

In his opening segment tonight, Hannity told viewers, “I promise that I will continue to tell the truth. As for my future at Fox News, Media Matters is attacking. The Left is organizing an advertising boycott. I will continue to do my job to the best of my ability. I serve at the pleasure of Fox News.”

More ominously, he concluded at 11pm by saying, “hopefully, I will see you again tomorrow night.”

#StandWithSean, an effort led by StopTheScalpings Co-founder Melanie Morgan, is continuing its efforts to stand by Hannity while he is under fire, the site noted.

“Sean Hannity is one smart, wily, fierce fighter. He needs our support even more now. There is turmoil and dissension at Fox News,” she said, as Media Equalizer reported.

But clearly the story is gaining traction anyway. In another exclusive, the UK Daily Mail reported that the family of Seth Rich, which has been critical of the Fox News and subsequent reporting, is demanding that the D.C. Police release whatever information they have on their son’s murder - which the cops have written off, essentially, as a “botched robbery,” despite the fact that nothing was taken from Rich, who was shot and killed just a very short distance from his Washington residence. In the middle of the night. As he walked home from a bar.

The Daily Mail:

The family of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich is calling on the Washington, D.C. police department to go public with details of the murder investigation, after ten months of near-silence from law enforcement officials and as theories continue to spread about the mysterious circumstances of Rich’s shooting death last July.

‘The family has full confidence in the Metropolitan Police Department’s ability to proceed with this investigation. But given the large amount of hearsay and conspiracy theories surrounding the case, maybe it’s time for the police department to be more forthcoming with information regarding the investigation and to update the people of Washington, D.C. on the status of the case,’ said Brad Bauman, a spokesperson for Rich’s family.

Bauman’s statement follows renewed interest in the murder investigation, amid claims that Rich may have been the source who leaked thousands of DNC emails to Wikileaks last summer.

The paper, like most other mainstream media outlets, was sure to mention that Dotcom faces racketeering charges in the U.S, and is facing extradition from New Zealand over those charges (he lays out his case here).

Also, there is this. A pair of private investigators working on the case for the Seth Rich family have said they don’t think Seth’s shooting was related to any robbery.

We’ll continue to cover this story where it leads, because that’s what our readers expect us to do. If it turns out to be bogus - or goes in another direction - we’ll report that, too.

Stay tuned.



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