(National Sentinel) Political Media: Former FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify at an open congressional hearing after Memorial Day, and already the disgusting #nevertrump establishment media is attempting to portray him as a victim of the president’s wrath…but of course, without reporting any real evidence of same.

CNN is one of the principle drivers of the false narrative that Trump attempted to ‘influence’ Comey into dropping the FBI’s investigation into his campaign staffers and former national security advisor Michael Flynn. On Sunday, the network reported:

Former FBI Director James Comey now believes that President Donald Trump was trying to influence his judgment about the Russia probe, a person familiar with his thinking says, but whether that influence amounts to obstruction of justice remains an open question.

“You have to have intent in order to obstruct justice in the criminal sense,” the source said, adding that “intent is hard to prove.”


Sources say Comey had reached no conclusion about the President’s intent before he was fired. But Comey did immediately recognize that the new President was not following normal protocols during their interactions.

So, what is the story here? Nothing. There is no story. There never has been a story. More smoke, more innuendo, more allegations, but no facts and no proof. Still, it’s part of the process of continuing the fake news narrative, and this will continue infinitum because that’s all the haters in the media have.

But let’s play along. In one respect, this CNN report does bring up the central questions that Comey should be asked by the Senate Intelligence Committee, and made to answer in public: Do you believe the president was improperly trying to influence an FBI investigation - and if so, why didn’t you report the attempt to obstruct justice, in your view, to the appropriate congressional committees, as you are required to do?

That secondary point is missing, not surprisingly, from the latest CNN report and all “mainstream media” reports on the central issue of obstruction of justice, though other outlets and experts have asked the question repeatedly since this bogus charge surfaced.

One other thing to note: A recently released Harvard study found that CNN‘s reporting on the president is negative 93 percent of the time.


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