Rosenstein stands by his Comey memo, says he botched Clinton investigation

(National SentinelJustice Department: The No. 2 man at the Justice Department who just appointed a special prosecutor to look into fake allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton has defended a memo he wrote in support of former FBI Director James Comey’s firing by the president.

“I wrote it. I believe it. I stand by it,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a briefing with lawmakers yesterday, according to information obtained by Fox News. He also said that Comey’s handling of the probe was “wrong and unfair.”

The report noted further:

The statement was first delivered to Senate lawmakers on Thursday and to House lawmakers during a similar briefing on Friday. 

Democratic lawmakers have claimed ever since Comey’s firing that Rosenstein’s memo was used as a mere pretext to can the director. Senators also said after the opening briefing that Rosenstein revealed he knew Comey was going to be removed before penning the Comey memo. This appeared to challenge initial White House statements citing that memo as rationale for the firing – though Trump has acknowledged he planned to fire Comey regardless of any recommendation.

But Rosenstein’s full statement provides a robust defense of his own actions, and a more complex and nuanced timeline leading up to Comey’s ouster.

In addition, the deputy AG repeated earlier judgements contained in his May 9 memo, charging that the former FBI director did not handle the Clinton email investigation well. He said Comey “usurped” the Justice Department’s authority, first during his July 2016 press conference detailing Clinton’s laundry list of offenses and recommending she not be charged, and secondly with his call to Congress in October to notify them that the investigation was being reopened.

In addition, Rosenstein said he talked about “the need for new leadership at the FBI” with then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, now attorney general, last winter.

“Among the concerns that I recall were to restore the credibility of the FBI, respect the established authority of the Department of Justice, limit public statements and eliminate leaks,” he said.

He added that on May 8 he learned of President Donald J. Trump’s decision to fire Comey, saying the president “sought my advice and input.”

“I chose the issues to include in my memorandum,” he said, adding it was reviewed by a senior career attorney.

Rosenstein’s statement puts the lie to Democrats’ claims that he was somehow put up to writing it in order to support Trump’s decision, rather than it being of his own volition after being told of the president’s pending action.

In addition, loony Dems are accusing Trump of firing Comey to end the Russia probe, which they say amounts to obstruction of justice. Except that real legal experts disagree, and the probe is continuing anyway.


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