(National Sentinel) Bureaucracy: When President Donald J. Trump appointed former Oklahoma state Attorney General Scott Pruitt to become head of the Environmental Protection Agency, he did so with the fully informed knowledge that Pruitt, not a fan of the EPA, would de-politicize its scientific research.

That was to especially be the case with the EPA’s fervent support of the global warming/climate change hoax, which only grew during the reign of Barack Obama.

And now, an Obama-era holdover is actually inviting far-Left groups to the agency’s Scientific Integrity Annual Stakeholder Meeting, to “advise” the agency on scientific integrity, as if these organizations had any.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

As reported by the Washington Examiner:

Clearly an exclusive invite, the list includes academic institutions such as George Washington University and research leaders such as the American Chemical Society. Their acknowledged authority earns them a seat at the table. But progressive political groups seem like they’re crashing the party by comparison.

For instance, what can the EPA hope to learn from a dark-money group such as Demos, whose president recently testified against Judge Gorsuch during his confirmation hearings? How could Public Citizen, the brainchild of Ralph Nader, be considered an authority? And why would the Natural Resources Defense Council, which is actively suing President Trump, even be invited?

Trump has been sidetracked by all of the media-generated phony “scandals” so he is far behind in his efforts to clear out the Left-wing sycophants who did Obama’s Marxist bidding.

But this episode proves once again how vital it is that he refocus on it and redouble his efforts to get it done, even it it takes hiring a staff of people to accomplish it.


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