(National Sentinel) Immigration and Crime: True to his word, President Donald J. Trump is cracking down on illegal immigration and criminal aliens, targeting them with more arrests and raids.

As reported by USA Today, arrests of those in the country illegally have risen 38 percent in the 100 days since the president signed an executive order to enhance enforcement of immigration law, from the same period a year ago:

ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said his agency is focusing on undocumented immigrants with criminal records, the “bad hombres” that Trump spoke about throughout his presidential campaign. But the data show that the biggest jump in arrests involved undocumented immigrants without a criminal record, a 156% increase from last year.

Between Jan. 22 and April 29, ICE arrested 10,845 people whose immigration violations were the only marks on their record. That’s nearly triple the 4,242 people arrested during the same time period in President Barack Obama’s final year in office.

Obviously, the Left-wing USA Today wants to spin this negatively against Trump and his administration, implying that we were all bamboozled by his “bad hombres” head fake. But the truth is, the majority of Americans have never favored illegal immigration and are squarely in the corner of the president on his pledge to enforce immigration laws as written. What’s more, few want amnesty, and even fewer still support sanctuary cities.

As for targeting MS-13, CNN notes that one recent early morning in Los Angeles, 50 raids involving heavily armed federal immigration agents and local police nabbed dozens of suspected MS-13 members. Officials said they were looking especially for gang leaders.

“Today we disrupted this gang’s command and control,” said Eric Harden, special agent in charge of the ATF’s Los Angeles field division.


Los Angeles is the US base for MS-13, which has tens of thousands of members worldwide. Authorities count the gang among the largest criminal organizations in the US.

The Left – and, at some point, they will be joined by a few RINOs – will continue complaining about the ‘inhumanity’ of Trump enforcing our immigration laws. But clearly this is one issue where he and most Americans see eye-to-eye.


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