(National Sentinel) Media: The Washington establishment media has completely abandoned any pretense of objectivity when it comes to covering President Donald J. Trump and his administration.


No sooner than the story broke about an alleged memo written by fired FBI Director James B. Comey that purports to claim Trump asked him to drip the bureau’s investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn then the “mainstream” media were already calling for the president’s impeachment –  a word that has been carelessly thrown about practically since Trump took office.

Truly unprecedented.

As Lifezette reported, the propagandists over at CNN were the first to imply it:

“You heard Jeff Toobin say, if this is true, if the president asked the FBI to end the investigation into Michael Flynn as former national security adviser, you heard Jeffrey Toobin say it would be an obstruction of justice, and potentially that could be impeachable,” said [host Wolf] Blitzer. “An impeachable offense.”

Blitzer’s guest, Sen. Angus King, an independent from Maine, said it could be. Never mind that impeachment needs an underlying offense. No one knows yet if the memo exists, or if Trump’s “hopes” can be illegal. No one even knows for sure if Flynn has committed a crime that the Department of Justice intends to prosecute. Also, CNN forgets the acting director of the FBI — Comey’s former deputy — Andrew McGabe — told a Senate panel last week that no, Trump never tried to impede the so-called Russia investigation, which involves Flynn.

None of that matters, however. The media, in cahoots with the Democratic Party and no small amount of RINOs who are just as fanatical about #nevertrump as anyone in the “opposition” party, want Trump gone. Out. Sacked.

It doesn’t matter that he was duly elected. It doesn’t matter that there is no flipping proof that he’s done anything wrong.

He’s not part of the Washington cabal. He made the ‘mistake’ of saying he was a president for the people and that, as the new sheriff in town, he intended to drain that awful, wretched, stinking swamp of incestuousness that is the nation’s capital.

For that, he must not merely be punished, but ruined.

And did you notice Trump’s getting no support whatsoever from his own party?

The one thing that is saving Trump right now is his huge base of support, which has not abandoned him and which is, frankly, tuning out much of the noise in D.C. Case in point: The story on Comey’s firing didn’t even register as that important on social media.

What the media is trying to do to Trump is disgusting, improper and so far beyond the pale of normal scrutiny applied to an administration it should shame any conscientious journalist, as well as offend the sensibilities of every American who cares about the integrity of our political system.


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